Sizes Available: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14m
Size Tested: 9m

Naish Says:

The Ride is for everyday kiteboarders looking for ease and simplicity.

The incredibly lightweight, two-strut design provides superior low-end performance due to its fuller center section, creating a drifting effect while maintaining smooth power delivery throughout turning. It also has a slightly flatter arc compared to other kites, which gives it more punch when sheeting-in and provides easy jumping along with that nice “sheet-in and go” feel.

The Ride has a new wing tip shape with increased leading edge curvature, which reduces the surface area allowing the kite to rotate with less drag on the water, resulting in an even easier water relaunch.

In addition, the Ride also features faster inflation and smaller packing for easy transport due to its fewer amount of struts, so it can travel anywhere and be the first kite to get out on the water.

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TKB Says:

The Ride is a medium aspect 2-strut kite with slightly swept back wingtips which Naish promotes as an all around freeride kite. The Ride comes with Naish’s internal octopus inflation system which uses standard 9mm inflation/11mm dump valves on the leading edge and one way internal distribution strut valves which require 9mm valves on each strut for deflation. The Ride uses a medium length front bridle with small anodized pulleys and three wingtip attachment settings for bar pressure and steering. We found the Ride had light to medium bar pressure with a really smooth power delivery and quick steering response. Compared to the Draft, the Ride is faster turning with average upwind ability, solid jumps and predictability. For a 2-strut kite the Ride was stable with minimal canopy flutter and behaved well with good range in powered and underpowered conditions. We would recommend the Ride for all levels of riders as a lightweight, user friendly kite that urges you to do it all: Unhook, boost casual freestyle and slash the waves.


The 2014 Ride came with the Base Control System which featured a push away quick release, single center line safety depower, below bar tuning cleat, above bar swivel, sliding stopper and innovative adjustable length bar ends (45 to 51cm). The bar has a smaller diameter grip with a new Memory Core plush grip that we found very comfortable. The quick release is a clean, compact mechanism that is easy to reassemble. The below the bar tuning allows for longer throw with easy to use cleat tuning and the sliding stopper allows adjustment of the throw to suit any sized rider.

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