NOBILE Flying Carpet
Sizes Available: 160cm
Size Tested: 160x46cm

Nobile Says:

We all know the wind conditions when a bigger board is, quite simply, a better board. The Flying Carpet was designed not to miss those days when everyone else is on the beach waiting for the wind. It is a supreme light wind creation and is lively and responsive, and truly surprises with the kind of performance and comfort you would not expect from a board of its size. The Flying Carpet features our Pre-Stress technology, combined with a lightweight and durable construction, which also makes this model a perfect board for first timers and for kite schools.

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Our Testers Say:

“Very high planing ability, excellent upwind riding, perfect for larger riders in light wind,” Jeff Quick.

“Graphics, construction and pads are all great! Went upwind better than any other twin tip – it’s perfect, spend the money and buy this board,” Clint Sterba.

“Makes any kite go upwind, not the best for carving turns, but great for beginners and mowing the lawn in really light wind,” Jesse Efkins.

TKB Says:

The 2014 Flying Carpet is a fairly wide board with straight rails that earned high praise as a dedicated light wind board. The Flying carpet features a wood core, Nobile’s anti-vibration construction, unique no-tool required fin mounting, three holes for choosing stance width and two options for adjusting duck. Testers commented on the Flying Carpet’s overall light weight, excellent early planing, solid upwind tracking ability and overall ease of use for cruising. Tester’s found the Flying Carpet’s straight rails more challenging to carve turns, but when it came to staying upwind in the lightest of conditions the Flying Carpet was hard to beat.


The Flying Carpet came with the Click’N’Go IFS pads and straps system. This system is unique for its innovative setup which is incredibly easy and requires no screwdriver. The pad and strap slip together and sizing is adjusted with a single Velcro adjustment. Testers commented on the pad’s higher density but overall the strap and pad combo earned praise for their solid feel and comfort.

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