F-ONE Next Light Wind (LW)
Sizes Available: 148, 150cm
Sizes Tested: 150x48cm

F-One Says:

The 2014 Next LW was designed to offer a very comfortable and forgiving ride, early planing, great upwind performance and incredible control and stability. The Next features a wood core for the best in strength, flex and resilience (ability to return to its original shape). Our ABS Inverted Rail starts with a surfing rail but keeps only the bottom part for a reversed rail profile which makes the edging and board feedback softer. The Next LW also uses F-One’s patented UNIBOX system which allows the thickness of the tips to be dictated by the needs of the proper flex pattern rather than the thickness for mounting the fins.

Visit for more info: https://en.f-onekites.com/#/Fone-Products/_Twin-Tips/Produit/_NEXT-LW.htm

Our Testers Say:

“Smooth ride, very comfortable straps, excellent upwind,” Greg Vasilieff.

“Great turning, super fun all around board when the wind isn’t super light,” Marko Bartscherer.

“Skatey board, fun for tricks but not a dedicated light wind board for this 200lb plus rider,” Jeff Quick.

TKB Says:

The 2014 Next LW features a fairly wide and rounded template, wood core, round inverted rails, unique Unibox fin mounts, three settings for stance width, and a single option for setting stance duck. Testers found the Next LW to be a lively and fun board that strikes a balance between freestyle and light wind ability. Testers commented on its fun carving and turning, although it’s rounder template and skatey feel makes tracking upwind a little more work. The larger riders in the test felt the Next LW needed a little more wind to get them upwind than their lighter counterparts and did not get them planing as quickly as some of the other light wind dedicated twin tips, but the Next LW scored very high in comfort and freestyle fun by all.


The 2014 Next LW came with the Pro Platinum pads and Ergonomic straps. The pad/strap combo is simple and easy to install with a single Velcro adjustment for size. Testers praised the overall comfort of the pads with medium plushness and solid strap contact.

Visit for more info: https://en.f-onekites.com/#/Fone-Products/_Accessories/Produit/_Plat-Pro-Pads-Green.htm

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