Sizes Available: 174cm
Sizes Tested: 174x59cm

Cabrinha Says:

One of the most important tools in our AIR Collection of light wind products is our Alias freeride directional board. The Alias is a super efficient light wind board with no limit to its performance or usage. The Alias, when combined with our Contra light wind kite can have you flying across the water in well under 10 knots. The hybrid design is a combination of a race board and freeride directional, you get the best of both worlds in one board. The Alias, with its quad fins will get you upwind in seconds. Once pointed off the wind the Alias becomes one of the best downwind models for speed and maneuverability. What makes this board so lively is its light weight yet durable construction. This composite sandwich board contains an EPS core wrapped in carbon, cork and bamboo. The Alias comes with four computer cut G10 fins, a custom cut full deck pad and lightweight foot straps.

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Our Testers Say:

“Great flat water board for riders of all weights, races upwind, super stable and fast,” Clint Sterba.

“Fast, floaty board, perfect for cruising and rocketing upwind, but not for jumping or carving,” Jeff Quick.

“Definite light wind weapon, drives off the fins not the rail, points a couple degrees higher than twin tips and the extra volume and glide helps in lulls,” Brendan Richards.

TKB Says:

The 2014 Alias is a race/freeride hybrid that earned high praise for its light wind performance and cruising fun factor. The Alias features lightweight construction for its size, offset course racing/windsurfing stance, plenty of deck pad and non-skid surfaces for easy footwork in the gybes, and large vertical fins for pointing well upwind. Testers commented on the Alias’ early planing, impressive upwind ability and its potential for keeping riders on the water in the lightest of wind conditions. The Alias’ size and offset stance makes it less than ideal for jumping and riding toe-side but testers recommended it highly for distance cruising going fast and being the first on and last off the water on light wind days.


The Alias comes with the Alias/Race straps. The board features four holes for stance width adjustment and installation is relatively easy with self tapping screws and beveled guides in the deck pad. The straps feature symmetrical dual side entry, pre-formed shape and are easily adjusted with a single Velcro strap.

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