BEST Breeze
Sizes Available: 145, 158cm
Sizes Tested: 158 x 46cm

Best Says:

The Breeze is built on our lightweight Supremo wood core. We reinforce the deck with Torsion-X tape from corner to corner to ensure every Breeze retains the lively feel of our smaller boards. Basalt Fiber Tec gives the Breeze controlled and progressive damping to ensure that it never becomes a handful even in choppy water and gusty winds. A Step Rail underside with a subtle Double Concave allows you to track like an arrow and provides extra lift with minimum drag to get you planing earlier and heading further upwind than any of your friends.

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Our Testers Say:

“Good upwind, goes through choppy water well, perfect for San Diego bay and ocean,” GregVasilieff.

“Planes up nice and early, good upwind ability, average chop handling performance,” Marko Bartscherer.

“Very playful, slides out on carves, great for freestyle tricks, works best in medium-light winds.” Jeff Quick.

TKB Says:

The 2014 Breeze is a lightwind version of a freestyle twin tip template with straighter rails, slight double concave, three holes for stance adjustment, and tons of adjustment for duck. The Breeze was one of the lightest weight boards in our test and testers praised the board for its early planing, decent upwind ability for a freestyle template and overall above average light wind performance. Testers seemed to be split when it came to the Breeze’s chop handling ability, Tkb staff found the Breeze to perform better in chop compared to dedicated light wind shapes, but this bigger board doesn’t offer the chop handling of a dedicated freeride board. The Breeze stands out when it comes to the freestyle fun factor in light winds. The board’s liveliness in the water and overall lightweight construction makes the Breeze ideal for riders who prioritize jumping and freestyle capabilities in lighter winds.


The Breeze came with the Prime straps and pads. The innovative pad and strap combo slips together and bolts to the board with diverse duck options with an overall very easy install. The strap floats on two plastic arms and the single Velcro strap is easily adjusted with one hand. Testers commented on the pad’s medium to soft density and overall good feel and comfort except one tester noted that that straps may be a touch narrow for extra wide feet.

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