Thinlines is a cinematic snowkite short documenting the last 2 months of the 2014 season in the Jackson Hole, Wyoming area. Footage comes from various locations including 3 Waters Mountain in the Wind Rivers, the Absarokas, the Buffalo Plateau, Togwotee, and Bondo. Many shots document the first snowkite sessions ever in these places.

Almost as impressive as the locations themselves is how this edit was filmed: aside from the shot of lines in the intro, there wasn’t a single tripod, glidecam, or slider used in this video. GoPro mounts on kites, skis, RC plane, and helmets. The DSLR was all filmed by hand. The Jackson Hole Kiters are taking stabilization a step further with zen focus practice and proper editing. The result? A cinematic feel with nothing but the camera and your hands in the backcountry.

The Jackson Hole Kiters have dedicated this film to Marty Lowe, a Rocky Mountain snowkiting and wind chasing legend who passed away just as production of their most recent edit was wrapping up. For the inspiration Marty brought to the entire kite community and the inspiration he offered the Jackson Hole Kiters — always encouraging them to keep filming and exploring — we also send our gratitude.