The Next Generation F-One Team lands in Tarifa, Spain to meet up with coach Etienne Lhote for what we like to call the School of Hard Knocks. These young riders, ages 13 to 18, are learning quick to work (and play) hard. Between sessions, physical training, learning the rules of competition and media management, Lhote is marching them through the paces of what it’s like to be — and become — a professional rider. Pulling talent from all over the globe, take a look at their roster, and remember these names. They’ll be ones to watch.

Nikolaj Holmlund : Denmark, 18 years old
Nicolas Delmas : France, 17 years old
Lucas TARIN : France, 16 years old
Javier JIMENEZ : Spain, 13 years old
Kilian BLUMBERG : Germany, 16 years old
Jop HEEMSKERK : Netherlands, 16 years old
Katie BOWCUTT Dominican Republic, 17 years old
Cisil OZEN : Turkey, 16 years old
Maxime CHABLOZ Switzerland, 13 years old
Lazare GOURNAY : France, 15 years old