F-ONE announced its new 2014 push system safety release this week.

Designed to work effectively even in the most critical situations, it can be triggered under load but also when the lines are slack. It was developed to take into consideration all the recent incidents and unlikely situations experienced by kitesufers the past few years. In some cases, a bar can get stuck in the lower position against the release system during an emergency situation. The F-ONE safety release has a stopper at the top to allow enough room to activate the system in critical conditions like these. The stopper also makes sure hands stay away from the bar when it’s turned at the maximum. The push-away system enables a trigger the release with minimal force even under the highest loads.

Designed with an ergonomic shape, the release handle is easy to grab for triggering the system. A flange was added to the top of the handle to improve grip, and the flange was made of soft material for comfort of use. It can be triggered with similar ease whether flying left-handed or right. The entire system is made of high resistance materials including stainless steel reinforcements. It’s been fully optimized to make it completely reliable, ready to withstand the wear and tear of an extensive use.
The new F-ONE safety release is easily set-up with no specific tools required.

It can be adapted onto the following kites: BANDITS 3/4/5/6/7, TRUST 2013/14, VOLT ½ and REVOLT 3.