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The International Kiteboard Organization (IKO) is pleased to announce it has joined forces with the Kiteboarder Cross and will launch the start of the 2014 World Tour from April 19-21, 2014 at St Pierre la Mer in South France.

“The KBC Tour gives kiteboarders an opportunity to enter into a global competition that will present the opportunity to get their kiteboarding skills noticed and possibly discovered by someone who can make something big in kiting happen for them,” said Frederic Bene, CEO and co-founder of the IKO.

The competition is open to anyone who can ride safely among other riders and perform jumps in both directions. Entry requirements are designed to make it easy for most kiteboarders to participate.

Both this event and the 10th Annual European Junior Kitesurfing Cup will be held simultaneously.

Winners will grab up to 5000€ in prize money. Participants will compete against Youri Zoon, Julien Kerneur, Sebastien Garat, Geoffrey Mascarell, Sebastien Catalan, and many other pro riders in an exciting downwind course with inflatable obstacles.

To compete in the first leg of the competition, register now by contacting the KBC at

About the Kiteboarder Cross (KBC) World Tour

Inspired by the winter Olympic sport of Boardercross, the KBC World Tour is a global competition event open to all levels of kiteboarders both professionals and amateurs where riders compete on the water in heats of four riders around a course of bankedturns and jumps. Prizes and prize money are awarded to the winners. The 2014 Tour will be hosted in France, Spain and Ireland. The aim of the KBC is to provide a fun and innovative competition in which everybody kiteboarders compete together. To learn more, visit

About IKO (International KiteboardingOrganziation)

IKO is headquartered in Cabarete, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic with representations in thirty-eight countries including the U.S. IKO is the world’s leading kiteboarding organization specializing in education programs, promoting safe practices and enhancing the highest quality of standards for the industry. IKO strives to reach the pure excellence in the teaching experience while finding the perfect balance of fun and safety for all our IKO members. To learn more, visit

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