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Sizes Available: 150, 160cm
Sizes Tested: 150 x 41.22cm

Slingshot Says:

While other companies focus on building width into their boards as the solution for light wind riding, the Glide’s counterintuitive concept focuses on efficient power through a lean and mean profile.
The Glide’s narrow width and longer effective water line ensures adequate surface area that will get you going in the lightest of winds. The narrow outline provides the rider more control over the edge. This precision control allows the rider to better manage the power of their kite, creating more apparent wind and results in more speed on the water. The Glide gets going first, hauls upwind, and is the highest performance board available in the light wind category. When the wind drops, keep your kite in the air and simply pick up a Glide. It’s so versatile and fun to ride you’ll be grinning and ripping as others are packing up to head home.

Visit for more info: https://www.slingshotsports.com/kite/products/boards/2014-glide-sku-14224

Our Testers Say:

“Easy planing, tracks and goes upwind easily, but no pop for jumps,” Jeff Quick.

“Excellent upwind, good jumps – perfect all around board for light wind areas, works even when the wind picks up,” Marko Barscherer.

“It’s big, but it’s smooth like a Cadillac,” Jonathan Dixon.

TKB Says:

The 2014 Glide is built in the USA and features Slingshot’s lightweight wood core and organic Resin X, the hallmark boxy outline of a dedicated light wind board, shallow bottom concave, and Slingshot’s Fastrack which offers riders a huge amount of stance width adjustment and plenty of options for setting duck. The Glide made a surprise appearance at our La Ventana Freeride test and impressed testers with its ability to handle choppy conditions despite its long and boxy light wind shape. In the light wind of San Diego the Glide earned high praise with its early planing and impressive upwind ability. Overall, testers found the Glide challenging for boosting big air, but this board exceeded all their expectations for freeriding in moderate and extreme light wind conditions.


Our test boards were shipped with Slingshot’s Bolt-Ons straps and pad system. The straps slip through the pad base for a simple and easy installation with a single Velcro strap for adjustment. Testers found the medium density pads comfortable while delivering a solid balance between control and plushness.

Visit for more info: https://www.slingshotsports.com/kite/products/bindings/2014-bolt-ons-sku-14381005