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Sizes Available: 140, 143cm
Sizes Tested: 143cm

Nobile Says:

The XTR is our top-of-the-line light wind board. Rooted in the highly respected NHP family, the XTR features some of the best technologies we have to offer. Suitable for everybody who prefers a twin tip to a directional in low wind conditions, as well as for heavy riders looking for a tech-advanced board that will meet their needs, the XTR provides fantastic early planing, outstanding upwind performance, and provides a smooth and easy ride even when the wind barely blows. This is Nobile owner, Dariusz Roziak’s favorite light wind board.

Visit for more info: https://nobilekiteboarding.com/products/kiteboards/xtr.html

Our Testers Say:

“Fun and playful board for tricks, but needs some decent wind for a 200+ rider,” Jeff Quick.

“Comfortable and smooth with excellent load and pop, great for upwind riding,” Greg Vasilief.

“Fun all around board, comfortable ride with quick turns but not super light wind board for a bigger guy,” Marko Bartscherer.

TKB Says:

The 2014 XTR is a light wind twin tip with a wide yet performance-oriented outline and bottom concavity in the center transitioning to completely flat in the tips. The XTR features a wood core, carbon and Kevlar stringers, unique no-tool required fin mounting, three holes for choosing stance width and two options for adjusting duck. Testers commented on the XTR’s fun and lively ride with good load and pop for freestyle and easy turning. Compared to the Flying Carpet, the XTR has higher-end construction for better freestyle performance in medium to light wind, but the largest riders in the test preferred the Flying Carpet for its ability to get them going in threshold wind conditions. Testers recommended the XTR as an excellent light wind board for those that don’t want to sacrifice freestyle performance for extreme low-wind capability.


The Flying Carpet came with the Click’N’Go IFS pads and straps system. This system is unique for its innovative setup which is incredibly easy and requires no screwdriver. The pad and strap slip together and sizing is adjusted with a single Velcro adjustment. Testers commented on the pad’s higher density but overall the strap and pad combo earned praise for their solid feel and comfort.

Visit for more info: https://www.nobilekiteboarding.com/products/accessories/clickngo-ifs.html