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EPIC Infinity
Sizes Available: Infinity
Sizes Tested: Infinity

Epic Says:

Last year’s Infinity light wind kite proved to be our most popular model for its fast, powerful, stable and easy relaunch in light wind conditions that would have otherwise canceled sessions. Despite this success we knew we could do better, so Momi and Dimitri combed through the feedback from customers, schools, and dealers to create the V3 Infinity which retains the impressive aspects of speed, maneuverability, stability and jumping in light winds, but introduces greatly enhanced upwind performance.

This year’s Infinity is slightly more powerful, yet has greater control in the upper end of the wind range. Wakestyle riders will love the load and pop characteristics. If you drop your kite, you can rest assured that relaunch is effortless – even in minimal winds. The Infinity is set to rewrite history…again with its low-end power delivery, great upwind drive and ability to fly in even lighter winds.

For more information visit: https://www.epickites.com/products/infinity.php


Our Testers Say:

“Powerhouse of a kite, it’s perfect for light wind spots like San Diego,” Greg Vasilieff.

“Solid kite, fun and stable, average steering response but good upwind ability,” Jeff Quick.

“This kite wants to jump – I had trouble staying upwind because I couldn’t stop boosting big jumps on every tack,” Marko Bartsherer.

TKB Says:

The Epic Infinity is a medium aspect 3-strut kite that is Epic’s dedicated light wind weapon. The Infinity features the standard 9mm inflation/11mm dump valves, a single rear attachment setting on the wing tip, double ripstop trailing edge and a non-adjustable front bridle which is fairly long in length. Testers found the Infinity to have solid low-end power with medium plus bar pressure. Across the board, testers praised the Infinity for its boost and hangtime, making it a very fun freestyle kite in the lighter winds of San Diego.


The Infinity came with the 4G Xtend bar which features a redesigned push away quick release, sliding stopper, single center line depower, adjustable bar ends (45, 55cm) and above bar tuning strap. The Xtend bar has a larger diameter grip which testers praised for feel and comfort and the quick release was simple and easy to reset in the water. The tuning controls were far away due to the longer throw but overall testers liked the clean rigging and feel of the bar.

Visit for more info on the bar: https://www.epickites.com/products/xtend_bar.php