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Ben Coaching

The Kiteboarder and Xtreme Big Air are stoked to bring you Ben Wilson Surf land and water clinics at the 2014 Pismo Beach KiteXpo. Launching his US demo tour from the event, Ben Wilson and BWS team riders Troy Devine and Ian Alldredge will be hosting beach clinics underneath the Red Bull tent behind registration on Friday and Saturday from 11:30a to 1p. Following the beach clinics as soon as there is usable wind, Ben and his crew will be joined by Central Coast rippers Victor Sellinger (Caution, Loyd Surfboards), Matt Elsasser (Cabrinha) and James Ropner (Best) for a group, on-the-water coaching clinic (5 coaches), upwind of the event site (we will make announcements on the PA system if the water clinic doesn’t immediately follow the land clinic).

Best/Loyd Surfboards team rider James Ropner smashes the lip in Pismo.

Both the beach and water clinics will focus on kite position, body technique, strapless riding, unhooked riding and other key principles of wave riding. No reservations are needed for the daily beach clinics but reservations are needed for the water clinics. Daily water clinics are limited to 25 people on Friday and 30 people maximum on Saturday. In case there is no wind on either Friday or Saturday, Sunday will be the back up make good day.
Local Victor Sellinger (Caution, Loyd Surfboards) hunting for more waves in Pismo Beach.

Victor Sellinger (Caution, Loyd Surfboards) sets up for his next wave at Pismo.

If you are interested in participating in a water clinic, a non-refundable Paypal payment of $20 (in full, mark for goods/services so no commission is taken out) is needed to confirm your reservation which will go toward raffle tickets. We will have an envelope with your name and raffle tickets available for pick up at registration. Tickets will be good for the Saturday or Sunday raffle, depending on what day you register for the clinic. To reserve a space for a water clinic, please email publisher@thekiteboarder.com with the following information:
1)  Full Name
2) Specify if you want to do the Friday or Saturday clinic
3) What you are specifically hoping to get out of the clinic
Cabrinha team rider Matt Elsasser is one of North America's top strapless riders.

Cabrinha team rider Matt Elsasser is one of North America’s top strapless riders.

Upon confirmation of your reservation, a payment to marinacchang@gmail.com via Paypal is due within 48 hours to finalize your place.
Ben Wilson is a pioneer of kitesurfing with years of experience both as an instructor and professional kitersurfer. He was one of the first to use a surfboard in harmony with a kite and  continues to chase big swell after breaking a world record in 2011. Ben’s wave riding clinics are geared towards intermediate and advanced kiters looking to perfect technique and make some rapid progression. Sessions vary but typically focus on kite positioning, riding toeside, transitioning from strapped to strapless, twin-tip to surfboard, strapless airs or riding unhooked.