BEST TS Lightwind
Sizes Available: 15, 17m
Sizes Tested: 17m

Best Says:

We understand that not everyone kites in 25 knot winds and that’s why we built the TS Lightwind. The TS-LW repackages the game changing performance and unlimited versatility of the smaller TS kites in light wind specific 15m and 17m sizes that are built to help you get the most out of every light wind session.

You could use a race kite in light wind, but they aren’t built for trying new tricks and having fun. The TS-LW is stable when unhooked, responsive in the air and surprisingly agile even on a smaller bar. Every gram of spare weight has been trimmed the from TS-LW kites leaving nothing but 100% performance. We use our Double Core RS canopy fabric to provide maximum strength and minimum weight. Dacron placement on the wingtips is optimized for the best blend of low weight and steering responsiveness, we’ve even developed an ultra thin TPU bladder material to help trim all the spare weight from the airframe.

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Our Testers Say:

“Fast turning kite with decent upwind ability and fun for tricks with good pop and quick turning speed,” Jeff Quick.

“Super fast turning and good all around kite for lighter riders, hands down best bar ever – mini leash is ingenious,” Clint Sterba.

“A versatile kite with freestyle potential in light wind, fun and stable all around,” Erik Rochner.

TKB Says:

The Best TS Lightwind is a medium-high aspect 5-strut kite that earned solid praise from our San Diego testers. The TS features Best’s Twist Lock Valve, which makes this kite easy to inflate with the largest hose attachment that comes standard with every pump. The valve deflates at the push of a button for a quick and easy deflation as well. The TS features two wingtip turning speed settings, a non-adjustable front bridle which is medium in length, and a Dacron strip for the full length of the trailing edge for overall solid construction. Testers commented on the TS’ medium to light bar pressure, impressive turning speed relative to its size as well as its ability to boost airs in lighter conditions. Testers commented on the TS’ average low-end power in the lightest of wind, but praised the TS highly for its capable and fun freestyle performance in everything but the lightest of wind conditions.


The Best TS-LW came with the fixed length Red Line Performance Bar. The RP bar features an above the bar Clam Cleat, adjustable stopper, single center-line safety depower, replaceable plastic center insert and push away plastic quick release. Testers noted how easily the below the bar swivel untwisted the center lines, the overall light weight of the bar and the ability to adjust the position of the cam cleat to accommodate smaller riders. Testers found the bar grip to be more dense than most and the quick release to be easy to reassemble on the water by inserting the loop back into a guided hole until it clicks into place. Best has done an excellent job of keeping the weight down while adding a variety of features that make this bar a simple yet functional design earning high praise from our testers.

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