Keahi De Aboitiz and Moona Whyte earn top spots after an action packed day of wave riding at the PKRA Dakhla Kiteboard World Cup. An impressive fleet of talent showcased an extremely high level of wave riding in variable wave conditions and winds that increased throughout the day.


Although the swell appeared a bit smaller than yesterday, a rising tide and lingering groundswell led to the decision to continue on with the wave event instead of freestyle.


The mixed swell and large tidal range played a big factor today. With a shifty peak and slightly offshore winds, it was difficult for riders to know where to line-up. Despite some long lulls between waves, fun chest to head-high sets appeared in most of the heats. Riders were rewarded with lengthy rides and multiple sections allowing a variety of aerial and face maneuvers.


Ultimately, wave selection played a large part in the many of the day’s battles. There were numerous close heats being decided by less than one-tenth of a point.


One such heat was the battle for first and second of the women’s division. Moona Whyte demonstrated her fluid style and rail-to-rail turns to narrowly beat Kirsty Jones, despite Jones’ excellent wave selection and down-the-line rides.


Jalou Langeree secured third place managing to drop in on some set waves, allowing her to execute her powerful vertical backside hacks and fluid riding.  Despite strong surfing from Milla Ferriera she was unable to get the waves she needed for scores to win.


Arguably the most impressive display of kitesurfing seen in this event came during the the semi-finals heat between Keahi De Aboitiz and Mitu Montiero.   Soon after the beginning of the heat, some of the biggest and longest set waves of the day arrived in succession with both riders taking off down the line, blasting multiple aerial maneuvers and powerful vertical hits, before finally finishing at the bottom of the bay.


Unable to beat Pedro Henrique’s relentless backside gouges, Felippe Ferriera lost the losers final, but in turn,  it was De Aboitiz who claimed the highest score of the day (9.17) to beat Pedro Henrique.


Tomorrow’s forecast is for strong wind and freestyle will resume. For additional information and photos, visit the PKRA website at www.prokitetour.com.