The cat’s out of the bag! Liquid Force has been working on this kite for over a year. Designer Julien Fillion first started on a quest for a strutless platform in the winter of 2012/13.  All the benefits of this design seemed to be great, but as they traveled down the strutless path they came to the conclusion that the particular design benefits did not outweigh what they felt were the negatives.  The steps to eliminate the negative aspects of a strut-free kite led them to a small diameter single strut platform.  Yes,  they know they are not the first to market with a single strut design, but Liquid Force feels that the Solo is very different in the idea and says the kite has all the benefits of the strutless platform, yet eliminates what they feel are the compromises in the design.


The Solo will be available in limited release this spring in 6.5, 9 and 12m sizes, followed by a  4.5 and 15.5 mid-summer. Let’s hope the kite is ready in time for us to demo at the upcoming Pismo Beach KiteXpo in California April 11-13, 2014!

Benefits of the Solo:
–      Small pack ability for travel
–      Ultra lightweight and efficient delivering low end grunt and extended wind range
–      Increased bar feel and response
–      LF recognized stability
–      New construction with LF English stitch, Reinforced Airframe and Polytape reinforcements

The Solo will be available as a kite only, delivered in a lightweight rip stop bag for easy packing. Stay tuned to www.liquidforcekites.com for more info.

LF Solo banner


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