photo by Broken Head Film

photo by Broken Head Film

The Kitesurf Tour Europe (KTE) announced this week that they will be rolling out some changes for the 2014 season. Most notably: Twin Tip Racing will be added as a discipline in competition. There will be also important changes for the Freestyle and Formula Racing disciplines.

From Tour Organizers:

“In the past we had some requests to organize a race, where everyone could take part without equipment restrictions. With this new discipline we open the competition to every kiteboarder around the world. Twin Tip Racing will add the normal kite-action only on Saturday and Sunday. If someone would like to take part at the Formula Racing he/she needs to be equipped with a race-board and kites, which are all registered at the IKA. This discipline [Formula-Racing] is made for riders who are ambitious at the professional regattas. The Twin Tip Racing will be open to everyone who likes Kiteboarding and who likes to experience a new challenge. The Regatta-Course will be set in an easy way, so that every kiteboarder can ride this course with his/her twin tip board. Within this discipline there will be no restriction of entry numbers. The Kiteboarding Industry would be able to support this discipline and to take the chance to hand out boards and kites, for testing, to the riders.

The Freestyle discipline will have some changes as well. Within several meetings we have decided to decrease the number of participants from 48 to 32 for each division. This will guarantee higher quality within the competition and better time management for the organization, sports crew and riders.

The last change we’ll be making for 2014, is in Formula Racing. Like changes to Freestyle, we have decided to decrease the number of participants from 48 to 24 for each division. This discipline is only for riders who compete with IKA Registered equipment. This also guarantees a higher level of competition.

The year has just begun and we are happy to provide step by step information about the Kitesurf Tour Europe 2014. Not all tour stops are confirmed yet, but we will be able to announce them as soon as possible. Existing disciplines, Freestyle and Formula Racing, will continue.”

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