RRD Obsession MK VI
Sizes Available: 5, 6, 7, 9, 10.5, 12, 13.5, 15m
Sizes Tested: 9m

RRD Says:

Improving the Obsession is always a tough task. The new leading edge arch is now slightly more closed than the previous one, looking more like a C shape kite with a bridle. However its aspect ratio is much higher and keeps intact the boosting power of this real flying machine. With more power than the previous version and even more range and faster turning speed we have changed the Obsession inside out. With Graphics integrated into the body of the kite instead of printed on top the obsession has a longer lifetime, a lighter weight and better construction strength. Try one for yourself and understand why more and more people around the world love this kite!

Visit for more info: http://www.robertoriccidesigns.com/shop/obsession-mkvi/

Our Testers Say:

“Fun for surf style and kiteloops, yet handled underpowered well with smooth power strokes and constant pull,” Eric McAuliffe.

“Kite was like an old best friend – comfortable, dependable and easy to be around with tons of range and easy relaunch,” Cherie Costello.

“This is a light, high performance yet easy to fly kite with a well thought out cockpit,” Laird Davis.

Meet the 2014 TKB Test Team.

TKB Says:

The Obsession is a 5-strut medium aspect kite with swept back wingtips that earned high praise from our testers. The Obsession uses a large diameter inflation valve that requires the bigger nozzle that comes standard with all pumps, making inflation and deflation quick and easy. The Obsession is one of the few kites that doesn’t offer multiple bridle tuning settings but testers praised its light to medium bar pressure and crisp steering response. Testers found the Obsession to have good boosting and hangtime capabilities although the kite really came alive in the higher end. Testers liked the Obsessions pivot style turns, easy relaunch and recommend this kite for all level of kiters for casual freestyle and surfing in the waves.


The Obsession came with the Global Bar V5 which features a push away quick release, plastic depower/throw line, center routed double center line safety depower, above bar tuning Clam Cleat, adjustable length bar ends (47, 56cm) and unique low stretch rigid thread flying lines. Testers liked the non-mechanical push away quick release and overall simple yet functional layout of the bar. The medium length throw puts the tuning cleat well within reach and testers praised the tuning handle for incorporating an elastic bungee which keeps excess slack in place when depowered.

Visit for more info on the bar: http://www.robertoriccidesigns.com/shop/global-bar-v5/