Sizes Available: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12m
Sizes Tested: 9, 12m

Best Says:

Because you are looking for a game changing kite that provides unlimited versatility for all advanced riding styles the TS is the natural choice. The TS is the ultimate high performance crossover kite and it’s perfect for any rider who wants to excel at newschool, wakestyle, freeride and even wave and to do it all with the same kite.
With the new Twist Lock Valve, inflating your kite has never been faster or easier. Revisions to the wingtips and LE profile have improved downwind drift and bar feedback for wave riding, so you can hit the sweet spot in the pocket. Changes to the bridle layout and improved back stall characteristics have allowed the R&D team to extend wind range in every size of TS.
If you’re looking for the ultimate crossover kite with game changing newschool, wakestyle, freeride and wave riding performance then you’ve just found your next kite. Choose the TS and Challenge the status-quo.

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Our Testers Say:

“I rode this kite two years ago and it wasn’t very reactive, but this TS is a very different kite which does everything well,” Jonathan Dixon.

“With medium bar pressure and direct power, this kite is easy to operate with much improvement in the bar over past years,” Laird Davis.

“Solid, stable, decent all rounder but not as much power for size versus other kites,” Davey Beard.

Meet the 2014 TKB Test Team.

TKB Says:

The Best TS is medium aspect 5-strut (3-strut in the 5 and 6m sizes) C-shaped kite. New for this year Best introduces the Twist Lock Valve which makes this kite one of the quickest to inflate and deflate. The valve requires the largest hose attachment that comes standard with every pump and the valve deflates at the push of a button for a quick fold and pack job. Tester feedback is mostly from the 12m. Testers noted the TS flies with light-medium bar pressure but delivers slightly more boost and hang time than the Cabo. Across the board the testers found the TS extremely stable with middle of the road turning speed, and good upwind ability, making it an excellent choice for intermediate riders looking for a casual freestyle kite that will perform for wakestyle and wave riding as well.


The TS came with the Red Line Performance bar, which is a fixed length bar, (47, 52 or 57cm lengths) with an above the bar clam cleat, adjustable stopper, single center line safety depower, replaceable plastic center insert and push away plastic quick release. Testers noted how easily the below the bar swivel untwisted the center lines, the overall light weight of the bar and the ability to adjust the position of the clam cleat to accommodate smaller riders. Testers found the bar grip to be more dense than most and the quick release to be easy to reassemble on the water by inserting the loop back into a guided hole until it clicks into place. Best has done an excellent job of keeping the weight down while adding a variety of features that make this bar simple yet functional with overall praise from the testers.

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