Sizes Available: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11m
Sizes Tested: 9m

Best Says:

Get ready for the ride of your life. It is all about down the line riding, the commitment as you turn into the wave and your love of big hacks and sprays. Our passion and endless search for the perfect wave kite are reflected in the development of the Cabo.

With its light weight, Tri-strut design and swept tips the Cabo is capable of sitting further back in the window to follow you down the line with impeccable downwind drift as you concentrate on finding your perfect line and sweet spot in the pocket. We have included Double Core Rip Stop, Canopy Framing and our new Twist-Lock LE valve to ensure the Cabo can survive any wave you can line up for. For 2014 we’ve revised the wingtip shape for more responsive turn-in and created a new harmonized-arc LE profile to deliver greater stability and smoother power delivery in gusty conditions. With an increased sweet spot and greater low end you’ll be able to ride a smaller size than you expected.

If wave riding means everything to you, like it does to R&D team members Peter Stiewe and Jordi Modolell then you should own a Cabo so you can charge every wave.

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Our Testers Say:

“I enjoyed riding this kite. With great relaunch it was predictable and stable while adapting well to up and down conditions,” Cherie Costello.

“This kite surprised me in a good way with predictable handling that allowed me to have a fun session where I didn’t have to think about the kite,” Ginette Buffone.

“Not a one trick pony, the Cabo is good for user friendly jumping and drifts well and reacts even when underpowered,” Dray Murray.

Meet the 2014 TKB Test Team.

TKB Says:

The Cabo is a medium aspect 3-strut kite that Best promotes as their wave kite but submitted to our test as they felt it is also an excellent for freeriding. New for this year Best introduces the Twist Lock Valve, which makes this kite one of the quickest to inflate and deflate. The valve requires the largest host attachment that comes standard with every pump and the valve deflates at the push of a button for a quick fold and pack job. Tester’s found the Cabo had medium bar pressure, slightly more than than the TS, but earned high praise overall. The Cabo didn’t build huge boost or massive hangtime, but testers found it extremely easy to fly, with solid steering response as well as stable and predictable in under and overpowered conditions. The Cabo is an excellent freeride kite and would be great for beginner and intermediate kiters looking for an all around performer for casual freestyle or dedicated wave riding.


The Cabo came with the Red Line Performance bar, which is a fixed length bar, (47, 52 or 57cm lengths) with an above the bar cam cleat, adjustable stopper, single center line safety depower, replaceable plastic center insert and push away plastic quick release. Testers noted how easily the below the bar swivel untwisted the center lines, the overall light weight of the bar and the ability to adjust the position of the clam cleat to accommodate smaller riders. Testers found the bar grip to be more dense than most and found the quick release to be easy to reassemble on the water by inserting the loop back into a guided hole until it clicks into place. Best has done an excellent job of keeping the weight down while adding a variety of features that make this bar simple yet functional with overall praise from the testers.

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