Sizes Available: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14m
Sizes Tested: 9, 12m

Airush Says:

For riders who are looking for an extra kick in their riding, the ALL-NEW Varial X takes the lead as the highest performing all-around kite in the Airush range. A fully redesigned 3 strut SL-C, the Varial X combines the low-end power and stability with premium performance to give you the best combination of free-ride, wave riding, and wake-style in a 4 line set up.

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Our Testers Say:

“Send it and hold on! With excellent and predictable hang time and easy landings the Varial is super smooth, yet fast with precise handling,” Laird Davis.

“Very stable, flies fast with constant pull through turns, goes upwind really well and gave me confidence to try my first unhooked railey,” Eric Macauliffe.

“More reactive kite than most with fast turning speed which makes it easy to find power when you need extra push, simple bar with nice power/depower system,” Evangeline Amores.

Meet the 2014 TKB Test Team.

TKB Says:

This year the Varial X shed two struts, becoming a three-strut medium to high aspect bridled-C design that works extremely well for boosting freestyle and earned very positive reviews. The build quality on the Varial X is solid with a unique canopy reinforcement Airush calls the Poly Load Frame. Although this kite features the standard 9mm inflation and 11m dump valve, Airush’s attention to detail is notable with multiple well labeled attachment points to adjust speed and bar pressure, as well as simple yet highly functional bar features that the testers liked. The Varial X comes with longer bridals compared to the Lithium and our testers felt it had better upwind performance than the Lithium while generating an impressive amount of boost and hangtime for lofty jumps. With medium bar pressure, slightly more than the Lithium, our testers liked the Varial’s power delivery throughout its sweeping turns and noted its well mannered handling during depower.


The Varial X comes with the Smart Bar 5 which features impressive telescoping bar length adjustability, plastic depower/throw line, sliding stopper, above the bar depower strap with extension handles and a clean and crisp push away quick release. This bar is one of the few that combines the longevity of a plastic coated depower/throw line with an adjustable stopper. Some reviewers noted the area around the handles seemed a bit busy, but the tuning controls worked very well and allow for a bigger adjustable length throw. The telescoping bar is incredibly easy to adjust but we recommend making changes on land as you can completely remove the bar ends. Female testers commented on the bar humps not fitting their smaller hands but the textured EVA had just the right density for comfort and control. Overall, this bar received very high marks for its features, function and comfort.

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