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Polish Kiteboarding Champion, Karolina Winkowska, becomes kitesurfing ambassador of Egypt.

February 9, 2014, El Gouna, Egypt — During an international press conference in Cairo this week, 6th of Tourism Mohamed Hisham Zaazou introduced the new kitesurfing ambassador of Egypt, Polish champion Karolina Winkowska. Winkowska is a kitesurfing Vice World Champion (2013) and Champion of Poland who signed a sponsorship contract to promote the Land of Pharaohs, and it’s kitesurfing beauty on Sunday.

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“I wish to thank Karolina for becoming the ambassador of Egypt and Egyptian tourism,” the Minister said to journalists, “I think our cooperation will be fruitful and I’m very happy that the Polish Champion will support our country. Karolina was a World Champion in 2012, and last year she was second in the world, I hope that in 2014 she will be first again. I’m sure training in Egypt will help her to win. We will cheer for her. We are very happy to welcome her in Egypt, in a kitesurfing paradise.”

Egypt is gradually rebuilding its position on the global tourist market, post-revolution. Wonders of the ancient world, rich and colorful culture, sandy, sunny beaches and treasures hidden in waters of the Red Sea make Egypt a real power house for visitors. Karolina Winkowska was thrilled when asked about the Land of Pharaohs.

“Egypt is a wonderful country with ancient history and very nice people. I saw Egypt for the first time when I was 14 years old. Then, I have been coming to Egypt for many many years for training. Egypt is also the best spot of the PKRA World Tour map. The weather is always sunny and wind conditions are just perfect.”

Karolina was very happy to answer questions about the kitesurfing and her new role. It was obvious that kitesurfing is her life.

“Thanks to kitesurfing — people from all over the world can travel to Egypt to experience its wonders and treasures. I hope it will happen in 2014. I’m so excited and look forward to participating in the competition in Soma Bay that will take place at the end of May”, Winkowska said.

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Karolina Winkowska has many fans in Egypt, one of them being H.E. Reda Bebars, the Ambasador of Egypt to Poland. Together with Mr. Ahmed Shokry, Head of the Egyptian Tourism Authority, they engaged negotiations with Winkowska’s agents in September of 2013.

“I’m thrilled that Karolina agreed to become the kitesurfing ambassador of Egypt and that she will help us to promote tourism in our country. Since now all the Egyptians will cheer her in the PKRA World Cup, I hope with such back up she will be winning in 2014 all the time” said His Excellency, the Ambassador. Chairman of the Egyptian Tourism Authority, Mr. Nasser Hamdy, has also been actively involved in supporting the project from the very beginning.

Almost 100 journalists from all over the world witnessed the signing of the contract, and Polish embassy staff attended the event, along with Mr. Rober Dziedzic, acting ambassador to Egypt in Cairo, who honored the conference with his presence.

As a kitesurfing ambassador for Egypt, Ms. Winkowska will carry the logo of Egypt on her professional clothes, board and kite, as well as receive full support in her training sessions from her new sponsor. This, of course, means she will be a frequent visitor to the best kitesurfing locations in Egypt. Many fans will be able to enjoy her performances from the shores of the Red Sea.

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In less than 4 months, Soma Bay, Egypt will host the PKRA World Tour (The Red Sea Kitesurf World Cup 2014), and Karolina Winkowska will not miss an opportunity to participate in the event.

“In 2014 definitely I will be doing a lot of training in Egypt. In two days I travel to Cayman Islands to participate in the T.R.I.O. contest. Then the World Tour begins,so please do keep your fingers crossed for me to win!” said the champion.

Karolina Winkowska was born in 1990 in Warsaw and is the most successful Polish kitesurfer today. She won the Polish Cup five times, and she is a 3-time Champion of Poland in the Ford Kite CUP. In 2012, she won the PKRA World Cup Championship, and in 2013 she placed 2nd overall. Her family supports her very much in her kitesurfing passion. Karolina’s success is born of great determination and hard work.

Copy provided by Piotr Bartoszek

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