What were you and your fellow kiter’s top picks for post clicks in December? We’re counting them down because a top pick is worth seeing again.

#5: The Buyer’s Guide to Patagonia

Apparently we’re not the only ones stoked to see Patagonia making headway into the kiteboarding industry.

#4: African Spider and Kite Adventures Don’t Mix

Kite, flight and a bite? You can’t help but watch Seth Warren and Kirk Hollis as they overcome an 8-legged obstacle on their Kite-Sup Expedition in East Africa.

#3: From Wheels to Kite

We all want to be inspired, and Amanda Boxtel, a paraplegic athlete who learned to kite, did just that. Of course you had to click.

#2: The Future of Snowkiting

Who can pass up history in the making? This groundbreaking Bighorn Snowkite Summit captured everyone’s attention.

#1: Slides & Flips on the Hook

This top pick had us all hooked.  You had to watch Toby Braeuer, king of slides and flips on a hook.

What will your top picks be for January? You’ll find it right here. Until next month…