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What HitCase Says:
Turn your iPhone into a point-of-view camera with the convenience of being able to see what you are shooting or review what you just shot, then upload and share media instantly.

What We Say:
It took us a while to realize that the most useful thing about this case is that it could, technically, replace a GoPro™ camera in a pinch. The case offers some handy features due to the fact that the iPhone controls everything, but most notably, is its ability to record video and images without having to wait and get back to your computer to see them. (We know the new GoPro Hero3 has provisions for this through an iPhone application, but using it requires you to carry both a camera and a phone — which is an added expense). The downside of relying on this case is that your expensive phone is at risk of damage or loss while riding. It made us real nervous to test the case on water (there’s no floatation option available), and when we tested it mountain biking– we spent a good time hoping we didn’t crash and mess up the phone.

While on a recent trip to Cape Hatteras, we used the case to protect a phone during numerous big downwinders. The thing we first noticed and loved was being able to make sure the camera angle was set correctly. If we shot a clip and it was lame — we could watch and delete it right on the spot. (The less editing back home the better).  After a couple days, when the screen was wet, the controls didn’t work as well. We found the only option was to use Siri. Though, when we tested the case to shoot video, we didn’t seem to have that same problem. It may be an issue of salt water vs. fresh water — since fresh water exposure never gave us any issues.

The case itself is well-designed. It appears to protect the phone from shock and water as well, or better, than any other bomber phone cases. The lens is great so image quality is awesome. It seems like it might easily get scratched if laid lens-down, which we tended to do often when it wasn’t mounted. There is an optional lens cap available but it isn’t attached to the case, so it’d be tricky not to lose or misplace it.

Finally, there are a variety or proprietary mounts currently available for use with helmets, tripods, boards, poles, etc.  During testing we used the chest mount and found that it wasn’t ideal for mountain biking since the mount doesn’t allow enough camera to ensure the lens isn’t pointed at the ground.  While kiting it was fine, since (presumably) one is leaning back in the harness. HitCase is soon coming out with another optional lens that is lower profile than the wide-angle lens and matches the normal iPhone field of view. We think this would be nice for daily use.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution for your gadgetry, or if you’re on a budget and want to maximize the use of your iPhone’s capabilities, the HitCase Pro may be a good item for you to consider.

Available for iPhone 5/5S or 4/4S

Matte Black

MSRP: $129.99

Website URL:

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