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After two days of waiting for the wind in Hainan, the trade winds returned with a solid 20 knot breeze and the single elimination was completed.  Liam Whaley won his first single elimination on his last move, and Gisela Pulido is one win away from becoming the 2013 world champion and winner of the Hainan event in China.  The onshore wind was challenging but the top contenders advanced and the show was spectacular.

The final was between Christophe Tack and Liam Whaley. Christophe was coming off his win in Pingtan and looking great throughout the whole final, but Liam Whaley landed a back mobe 5 in the dying seconds of the heat to secure a win.  Both riders landed some great moves like perfect front blind mobes and s-mobes. On the women’s side it was Gisela Pulido who dominated the final against Karolina Winkowska.  Gisela landed a near perfect front blind and back mobe.  Winkowska had many great moves but could not match Gisela’s force.

With so many top riders present in Hainan it was hard to pick the best heat of the day, but  Tack vs Hadlow was a classic. Tack remains on fire from Pingtan, landing trick after trick.  The two semifinals with Pastor and Jacobs were both very entertaining with Marc Jacobs landing some huge mobes and Pastor sticking some great double handle passes.

Competition will resume tomorrow with the double elimination. If Gisela Pulido wins one of her finals against the challenger she will be the 2013 World Champion.  Liam may win his first PKRA event, although a challenger like Tack could certainly win back-to-back events.  For full event details and standings, visit the PKRA website at:  www.prokitetour.com


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