Photo Peter Lambert

Photo Peter Lambert

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With their extensive line of harnesses and wetsuits, Prolimit is sure to have a product to fit every rider’s needs on the water. The 2014 Prolimit harness line has received a big update for the new product year and Prolimit’s Marielle van de Munt answered our questions about what kiteboarders can expect from the brand for 2014.

Have there been any big updates to the Prolimit line for 2014?
There have been updates to every harness outline and seventy percent of the harnesses are completely new. The biggest changes are the combination of preshaping and 3D shaping. Preshaping is the C shape the harness has before putting it on. It is not a flat harness that you have to bend around your body. This means there is no extra bunched up material on the inside to cause discomfort. 3D shaping is the hourglass shape that the waist harness body has. This differs in magnitude between the sides and the back of the harness.

The sides have more 3D shaping to remove edge tension on the ribs and the back is flatter with an added 3D molded pillow. This 3D shape has evolved over the last 5 years. The top three waist harness models (Kitewaist Pro, Predator, and Vertigo) now come with the Fat Bar. This is an oversized spreader bar that is twice the diameter of traditional spreader bars. This bar is super stiff and keeps the bar pad very stable for the insane angles of pull generated during freestyle riding. We are also using some new top-of-the-line UV stable materials with zero water absorption. This keeps your harness light and limits bacterial growth.


What are the main differences between the different harness models?
We have optimized the models for specific applications. Outlines, stiffness, and tension spread are applied differently on different models. The Kitewaist Pro, Predator, and Vertigo are our freestyle/freeride harnesses. Freestyle harnesses have to handle bigger kite loads at more extreme angles. For freestyle harnesses we use a higher sidewall to spread the load over a bigger area especially for big wipeouts and leash pull. The spreader bars are stronger and are attached to the harness body with the Multiple Load Point attachment system which uses double 25mm webbing belts and buckles. There are flex zones built into the skeleton structure of the harness to help torsional flex during contorted freestyle moves.

The FX harness is our wave/freestyle harness. Wave kiting is more about freedom of movement and less about being super powered. We use a lower sidewall and higher back support to allow for more side bend and twist during wave riding. The spreader bar is attached to the harness body with a single 38mm webbing and buckle combo and the bar pad is a narrower version of the freestyle/freeride slide-in bar pad. The Kitewaist is our multiple use waist harness. It is perfect for freeriding and crosses over into all the other disciplines. It uses an internal elastic belt which absorbs less water than neoprene waist belts and is no brainer to fit. It has the same shaping and neoprene soft edge as our more advanced waist models. The Pure series of harnesses for girls have specific shaping suited to the female body but are based on the same design principles. For example, the Pure Eve is a Kitewaist Pro for girls and is shaped specifically for a woman’s body.

Photo Peter Lambert

Photo Peter Lambert

What are some unique features of the Prolimit harnesses that set them apart from other products?
All our kiteboarding waist harnesses (except for the Kitewaist and Grommet) feature the asymmetrical neoprene waist belt. This means the overlap between the two halves is not in the middle of your stomach. It sits off to the side where it is away from the pressure zone created by the bar pad and also won’t get washed open during drags. The neoprene waist belt molds to the riders body for comfort and hold and is connected to the harness body in four places for stability. Our model-specific 3D shaping and outlines are something unique to Prolimit. Many other brands simply have one outline for all models. Our slide-in bar pad combines the harness body and the bar pad into one unit encircling the body for protection. It also keeps the spreader bar stable without the need for any additional strap systems. Finally we have our patented pin release spreader bar. This unbreakable bar has been faultless for the last eight years!

The Kitewaist Pro is a popular harness. What do you think makes this harness more popular than the other models?
The Kitewaist Pro is a dedicated freeride/freestyle harness but can wear many hats. It has enough support area to stay comfortable for long freeriding, wave riding, or big air sessions. The multiple handlepass leash attachment point suit all tastes. The styling is fantastic and the harness simply looks great with a lot of color choices (six color combinations available). The super stable Fat Bar with its slide in bar pad will make you forget that there is a hard piece of stainless steel close to your ribs.

With the extensive line of harnesses you offer, how would you suggest a rider find the one most suited to them?
Consult our website. We have a clear system where you can choose the stiffness of the harness combined with the support you are looking for.


What are some other highlights of the 2014 line of Prolimit wetsuits and harnesses?
For 2014 our main focus was on using the latest technology in the best way to come up with the most cutting edge products on the market. The showcase models that we want to push this year are the C5 wetsuit, the Predator harness, and Kitewaist Pro harness. The C5 is our concept suit. It stands alone as our most progressive wetsuit with the best technologically advanced features ever seen in the water. It features Powerseams (a Prolimit-exclusive), Ice Lining 2, Tricore neoprene, Fused Edge Technology, and ten leg drain holes.

The Predator harness uses our hybrid technology of a shaped and molded outer skin and stitched inner with a floating molded pillow. The medium back support height allows more back bend during extreme tricks while the higher sidewalls protect the ribs. The distinctive styling makes the Predator a favorite of our team riders. The Kitewaist Pro is our new top-end molded waist harness for guys who ride more powered up. It has been redesigned for 2014 with optimized molded support and a higher back and side profile for more body contact. The double buckles and straps spread the hook load over a bigger part of the harness body.

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