Photo Lukas Nazdraczew

Photo Lukas Nazdraczew

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The biggest news for Nobile’s 2014 line is the addition of three split boards to their already extensive board line. The 2013/2014 season also marks the company’s 10 year anniversary. To commemorate the occasion Nobile is offering a very special limited edition of the NHP Carbon kiteboard. Nobile’s Maciek Waclawczyk talks about the new products as well as what else the new 2014 product line will offer.

Nobile has introduced three new split boards for 2014 that are based on existing models. How small do these boards pack down to for traveling? Did the split board technology add weight to the boards?
By splitting the board in two you can reduce the length of the board to almost half of its size. Due to the technical requirements, the W-Connection system is not located in the middle of the board, so one of the pieces is longer than the other. For example, the 137cm NHP Split board consists of 77.5cm and 59.5cm pieces. You can find all this info on our website under the Splitboards section. When separated, each of our split boards will fit in most standard travel bags. As complimentary equipment, Nobile will offer a range of split-specific travel bags that allow you to safely pack the split board and all your gear necessary for a kite trip. One of the biggest challenges for our R&D department when designing the split boards was not only keeping them flexible and durable, but also as light as possible. The result is our patented W-Connection system, which increased the overall weight of the boards only by 15% when compared to our standard constructions.


There was probably a bit of give and take when modifying existing board models into split board models. Do the split boards differ in feel or performance?
The split boards are designed with total comfort in mind, both when traveling and when kitesurfing. The main goal was to make them pleasant to ride and user friendly. The split board series is dedicated to modern drifters and world travelers who enjoy worldwide kitesurfing. These boards are designed to offer a relaxing and comfy ride. Nobile split boards feature 20% more flex than their standard equivalents.

Photo Lukas Nazdraczew

Photo Lukas Nazdraczew

Nobile has one of the most extensive twin tip board lines in the industry with 11 different twin tip models. The 2HD, NBL, and T5 twin tips are all positioned as freeride boards. How would a rider choose between?
Only by having the most complex line are we sure to have right tool for everybody. No matter the riding level, style, kite budget, or sex, in Nobile’s 2014 collection you will find the board that meets your exact expectations. The 2HD is an ultimate freeride board designed for experienced riders looking for unbeatable performance and high speed on flat water. Its stiff flex pattern and unique double-profiled hydrodynamic bottom provides agility, great upwind ability, and tons of control.

The T5 is a classic and has been one of the best-selling freeride boards on the market. Offering versatile performance in all conditions, medium flex, top-shelf technologies, cutting edge quality, and a variety of sizes, it is a perfect board for intermediate riders who want to progress but want a less aggressive ride than the 2HD offers. The NBL is a solid entry-level board for beginners and kite schools. Dedicated for fast progression and an easy ride, this kiteboard is very forgiving and fun.


The 50Fifty and NHP twin tip boards are both freestyle boards. How are these boards different from your freeride boards and why would you recommend one over the other?
The 50Fifty, the board of choice for Eudazio DaSilva, is a radical freestyler with a new-school and wakestyle focus. This true twin tip with a symmetrical outline and massive pop is recommended for anyone willing to go crazy on the water and in the air. Wide stance options and boot compatibility makes the 50Fifty a state-of-the-art freestyle machine made for those who know how to use it. On the 2014 model we went back to the well-appreciated 3D multichannel construction for even more aggressiveness combined with unmatched stability.

The NHP is still focused on freestyle, but is a bit more versatile than the 50fifty. Better in chop and when going upwind, this model features enough pop to fly high and offers massive shock absorption on landings to save your knees. It has a twin tip shape, but is combined with our Dynamic Asymmetrical Outline and carbon kevlar stringers for better power transfer, edge grip, upwind performance, and overall control of the board.

Were any changes made to Nobile’s hybrid C-kite, the 50Fifty?
We introduce next generation kites every two seasons. Last season we significantly modified and improved both the 50Fifty and the T5. Premium quality and superior performance are the trademarks of Nobile kites. We’re receiving really good feedback from our kite users from around the world. Meanwhile, our R&D department is already working on new designs that will be introduced in the next generation kites available for the 2014/15 season.


The largest size for both the 50Fifty and T5 kites is a 14m. Will Nobile be offering any bigger kite sizes later in the season?
Our test team is now trying out the very final version of our light wind kite. We will introduce this model in next season’s collection.


Nobile rolled out an entirely new control bar system in 2013. Were any changes made to it?
Our bar is still the best tool to control the kite and provides a direct feeling and full control. For the 2014 season we improved some of its features, including a new composite body, floating bar ends, and EVA grip. We not only improved the overall ergonomics of the bar, but also replaced the depower strap with a new Clamcleat depower system and covered the quick release depower lines.


Some riders use a skim as their light wind board. How would you compare the Nobile Skim board in light wind conditions to the Flying Carpet, your supersized light wind board?
Nobile’s Skim board is a perfect toy to have fun on low wind days. Dedicated for intermediate and experienced riders, this board is designed to practice strapless skate-rooted tricks and explore small waves. The Flying Carpet is a supersized twin tip model that allows you to go kiting even when others are still waiting for the wind. This board plans early and besides being the right tool for low wind days, it is also a perfect option for first timers and kite schools. The Flying Carpet works well not only on the open sea, but also on local lakes and less windy kite spots.

Photo Lukas Nazdraczew

Photo Lukas Nazdraczew

Is there anything you’d like to add?
Nobile celebrates its 10th anniversary during the 2013/2014 season. It’s been a decade since we revolutionized the sport by introducing the very first kiteboard to utilize snowboard technology. Since the very beginning we’ve been driven by our Human Concept philosophy. This essentially means that the human comes first. Safety and comfort have always been the key drivers for us. After 10 years on the market, we are still one of the very few brands that produces our entire board range as well as all accessories in Europe.

To celebrate our decade of innovation, we are introducing a very sophisticated limited edition of the NHP Carbon kiteboard. This model pushes the boundaries of performance and offers an exceptional kiteboarding experience. Another novelty we introduce in our newest collection is Nobile AirLight Core. This is a blend of super-light core materials and wood developed to reduce the overall weight of the kiteboard.

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