Photo Paul Lang

Photo Paul Lang

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Manera is a completely new line of products from the same team behind F-One. Focusing on products that are in contact with your body, Manera is launching with the unique EXO harness and a few other accessories with many more in development. Nico Ostermann answered our questions about what we can expect from this new brand.

Manera is a new brand from the same people behind F-One. Why start a new brand instead of releasing these products under the F-One name?
Because the focus is different. With F-One we are focused on making the best kiteboarding and SUP equipment we can. On the other end Manera is focused on making accessories that are in direct contact with your body. With that said, we bring the same standards to Manera that we do to F-One – technical products using the best materials available that have been thoroughly tested by our R&D team.

Photo Paul Lang

Photo Paul Lang

What makes the Manera EXO harness different than other harnesses on the market?
The EXO support system makes the Manera harness really unique. We spent more than two years developing this concept. The hexagonal pattern you see on the back of the harness is actually the main frame of the harness. This molded plastic piece is designed to spread the load coming from the spreader bar and is sewn directly to the harness straps creating a circle of support all the way around your body. Other harnesses typically use a piece of plastic buried under other layers for support and that piece usually isn’t attached to the straps. Another big difference is that the main structure of the Manera harness is on the outside, not between layers. This means that all the layers of material are between your back and the harness frame, not on the outside of the frame, rendering the harness more confortable for the rider.

The Manera harness has a number of other details such as a quick release for the leash system that you can release under heavy load, soft edges, and no seams in areas that rub on your body. Also, the leash can be rigged to either slide or be locked, but the quick release will work both ways. The Manera harness is available in a high or low back version to suit different riders’ personal preferences and back shapes. Another difference from most harnesses is that the harness is pre-curved. The Manera harness is not built flat but instead is built in a curved shape creating a more comfortable fit for the rider.


Another new product is the Manera Magic Wax. How is this different compared to normal surf wax?
Usually kitesurfers have to decide whether to ride a surfboard with wax or a traction pad. Now you can have the benefits of both with our Magic Wax. It’s designed to be used with traction pads, giving you the comfort of a pad with the traction of wax. The Manera Magic Wax is really sticky and makes strapless airs easier while giving all strapless riders more confidence. Your typical wax has been developed for surfers and they can’t make it very sticky because the surfer’s position when paddling would mean having wax all over your body or wetsuit.

Some riders think traction pads are uncool, but once you try Magic Wax on a pad you’ll have a hard time going back. Mitu Monteiro rides this way and doesn’t like to ride without traction pads as he has injured his heels a few times landing hard on boards with just wax. Our Magic Wax is easy to put on and doesn’t melt in the sun. Give it a try before you knock it and you’ll be amazed by how much it can improve your riding. It’s also made in France from materials that are completely environmentally friendly.


What other Manera products are currently available?
We have a lock box for your keys for when you ride. Look, everyone knows that we hide our keys in our car’s suspension or wheels and a lot of people are getting ripped off because of it. Our lock box allows you secure your keys to any solid object so you can keep your car secure without needing to take your keys in the water with you.

We have a really comfortable changing robe made of bamboo cotton. The bamboo cotton is really warm and more environmentally friendly than regular cotton. It also naturally discourages bacteria growth so it can go a long time between washes without smelling terrible. It’s much better than fumbling with your stinky towel when you just want to get dry and warm after a cold session. Also, the Manera board leashes are already available.


What other products will we be seeing from Manera?
We have a lot in development right now including sunglasses, wetsuits, sunscreen, and board shorts. It’s our goal to eventually produce everything you need for your body while you ride and we have a lot of interesting products on the way!

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