Christophe Tack and Karolina Winkowska won the PKRA Pingtan Kiteboarding World Cup 2013 single elimination in a spectacular manner.  Christophe Tack picked up where he left off yesterday landing a massive front side seven and KGB five to score the highest heat total of the event (38.3), defeating Alex Pastor. Karolina Winkowska also defeated the current point leader, Gisela Pulido, in a very close heat with both riders landing perfect tricks.  The conditions were lighter than yesterday, but still close to perfect.  The big air competition was run in the afternoon and Sebastien Garat took first place.  Conditions in Pingtan, China have provided the best possible place for hosting top riders from around the globe for a World Cup.

The first heat of the day was between Alex Pastor and Liam Whaley. Both riders train and ride in Tarifa and know each other very well.  Whaley has been improving throughout the year and keeps getting better. He started his heat with a perfect front blind mobe and back mobe 5 and looked to be command until Alex Pastor landed a grabbed KGB five and took the lead, along with the final spot in the final.  They both finished with equal scores and the tie was broken with the highest trick score of the heat being the KGB 5 from Alex Pastor.  After their dual, the two finals were set along with a battle for third.  With Jana Schader sick, Paula Novotna took a third place finish.  Next, it was up to Liam Whaley and Marc Jacobs to determine who’d take the final podium position.  This time, Liam made no mistakes in defeating Jacobs.

The final between Gisela Pulido and Karolina Winkowska was absolutely outstanding with both riders going trick for trick throughout the heat and staying very close until the end.  Both women landed great back mobes, s-1 and S-mobes, but Karolina landed a nice 315 pulling her into the lead in the dying minutes of the heat.  The battle was intense, and when all said and done, it was Karolina Winkowska who won the single. She is now looking to regain the tour lead from Gisela Pulido.

After yesterday’s outstanding performance it seem hard to believe the Christophe Tack could out do himself again, but he left everyone speechless by doing just that in the final, landing two flat 7’s with a lot of height, a KGB five, a blind judge fives, a crow mobe, a front blind mobe and back mobe.  All of the scores were above seven and into the 8 range with the heat total of 38.3.  Alex Pastor was riding well but unable to stop Christophe.  Pastor is close to winning the overall title but will have to wait until the double elimination.

In the afternoon the race director started the big air competition, with riders going for height and technical tricks. Sebastien Garat won followed by Reno Romeu, Mario Rodwald and Oswald Smith.  It was a great show for spectators.

The wind is forecast to build tomorrow for the double elimination, and the winner of the Pingtan Kiteboard World Cup 2013 will be decided.  Christophe Tack and Karolina Winkowska are definitely the riders to beat and the conditions are playing to their favor.  Visit the PKRA website for more details and standings:

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