Gavin McClurg, Founder of Offshore Odysseys, has been wandering the planet since 1999 on some very fine vessels, one of which is Discovery, a Lagoon 570, that is right now plying the waters of French Polynesia near the end of its first year of another planned 5 year expedition on The Cabrinha Quest. Discovery has already circumnavigated once in fine style; so with her proven blue water capability Gavin recently went to Europe to speak with some of the best boat builders on earth (the Lagoon team in Bordeaux, France) to discuss customizing their flagship 620 (62 feet) to perfectly suit more remote and challenging itineraries.

The result?  In 15 months, Discovery II, Lagoon’s “Odyssey” version of their 620 will launch.  The Odyssey Lagoon will be lighter, faster, and use the most advanced energy saving technologies available.  Every effort will be made to create a “green” ship, from the design and construction all they way through to operations.  A massive solar array will power nearly all on board equipment.  And with nearly 40% more livable space than their current vessel, she will be considerably over-the-top luxurious.

So, you might want to know why they are launching another vessel?

Cabrinha Quest memberships sold out over a year ago, and the wait list got so long they just couldn’t ignore the very cool reality that people were transitioning from building up material goods to building up experiences.  Gavin’s been preaching for years that the only bank account which matters is the bank account called life — and apparently, they felt it was time to help more people make more deposits.

Current members of the Cabrinha Quest will have double the options as soon as Discovery II is launched.  New members will likewise have access to both ships.  Double the fun for the same price.  Two vessels operating where none others do, on a mission like no other to find remote wind and waves.  Want a spot in paradise for five years?  Become a member now or visit the Offshore Odysseys website for more information on their next trips to Chile and the remote Tuamotus.


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