Gisela Pulido and Alex Pastor are the winners of the PKRA Freestyle Event in Fuerteventura.  With perfect 9 to 10 meter weather and flat water, the riders could not have asked for better conditions. The two full ladders of men and women were run for a total of six hours of fierce competition and riding.  Alexander Neto and Sergey Borisov are just a few of the riders who had amazing heats. Liam Whaley made his first PKRA final. Karolina Winkowska was injured, leaving Gisela Pulido without her two nemeses. Annabel Van Westrop and Victoria Rosinska performed with grace to make the podium.


The final between Alex pastor and Liam Whaley was very close with the two riders landing similar tricks, but Alex Pastor was a bit more powerful and took the single elimination win. He took an early lead with a nice S-mobe, BJ3, back mobe 5 and double s-bend pass 3, and Liam almost caught his in the dying minutes of the heat with a 720 back mobe and near perfect S-3.  Alex is a few points closer to his goal of being world champion but will have to defend against many potential contenders in double eliminations.

The women’s final was dominated by Gisela Pulido who landed a 313, blind judge 3, S-mobe and air back to blind.  Annabel Van Westerop did all she could to catch her with an S-1, BJ and air back to blind but it was not enough to defeat Gisela.  Gisela will have to defend her position in the single against the possible return of Karolina Winkowska in the double elimination.

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