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Gisela Pulido and Alex Pastor are the winners of the 100th PKRA event in Fuerteventura.  Aaron Hadlow moves back up to 4th and Novotna climbs onto the last podium spot.  The Fuerteventura winds were full on, with men riding 5 to 7 meter kites and women riding 5’s and 6’s.  Alex Pastor and Hadlow had the strongest final heats of the day. Gisela Pulido needed two heats to defeat Annabel Van Westrop, who was simply on fire. Alex Pastor now takes a commanding lead in the overall points ranking, while Gisela Pulido regains the lead from Karolina Winkowska.

Special thanks to all the riders and staff that took part in this historic PKRA event in the Canary Islands.  More information and full event scores and standings can be found online at www.prokitetour.com.