2013 F-One Trust
Sizes Available: 4, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13m
Size Tested: 11m

F-One Says:

The 2013 F-One Trust is designed 100% for freeride. The goal was to offer riders of all levels a kite with an intuitive feel, optimum relaunch, great stability, and complete power control. The TRUST gives the rider amazing control of his speed, therefore providing a very smooth ride. With its direct steering, you will always know where the kite is in the sky just as if it was part of your own body. The first time you fly the TRUST you will immediately be able to take advantage of the kites full potential. Stability was at the core of its development and you know you will be in complete control of the TRUST regardless of the wind or wave conditions.

TKB Says:

The 2013 F-One Trust is a new freeride-oriented kite from F-One. At first glace it is very similar to the 2012 F-One Volt 2, but it has been updated and also uses a new control bar. Like the Volt the Trust is available for a lower retail price than the F-One Bandit 6.


The largest change between the Volt 2 and the Trust is the bar. The Trust comes with a bar that is basically the same as the bar supplied with the Bandit but with plastic bar ends instead of metal ones.

The Volt’s bar features an above-bar depower strap, plastic-coated main line, and an above-bar swivel. The quick release is a Velcro-based pull tab and can only be released on one side of the bar.


The Trust features a Delta-C shape, three-struts, and a bridle with two pulleys per side. The rear lines are adjustable to change turning speed and bar pressure. Like the F-One Bandit, the center strut is built into the canopy as opposed to being attached to the bottom side of it. The Trust’s leading edge is relatively large and the wingtips feature mesh vents to make relaunching easier.

The Trust is a very stable kite in the sky. Handling is direct and snappy, but the Trust’s turning speed is not as fast as the Bandit. Upwind and jumping performance are good, but again not quite as good as the Bandit 6.

The Trust delivers good low-end power and remains stable and easy to control at the top end of its wind range. Bar pressure is in the light-medium range with good feedback from the kite.


We found the Trust to be an extremely user-friendly freeride kite that requires very little attention from the rider. The Trust has good upwind performance and is very easy to relaunch.

Riders looking for a higher-performance kite might want to look at the F-One Bandit instead, but the Trust is a forgiving, stable, easy-to-ride kite that allows the rider to almost forget about the kite on the water.


  • Very easy to fly and forgiving kite
  • Excellent stability
  • Very easy to relaunch


  • Quick release can only be operated on one side.
  • No fool-proof connections to prevent riders from attaching their lines backwards.