Wrap-up written by Triple S Overall Women’s winner, Colleen Carroll

This year, things were not as they have always been at the Triple-S Invitational.  Never fear, the party still ran for 7 action packed days and 7 debauchery-filled nights.  However, the 38 riders checking in the morning of June 1st were about to be told that instead of riding in a week long jam session, they had entered a new style of competition that was about to turn up the heat and put each rider’s skills to the test.  With three professional judges and 25K on the line, the whole game had changed.


For Day 1, the entire Real slider park was setup in the slick.  Two kickers, the infamous 80 ft long John Wayne, the North A-frame, and the Liquid Force hotdog.  In similar fashion to the 2012 Ro Sham Throwdown, each feature was carefully placed so riders could utilize every park feature in one continuous run.  Given a score for every feature, each rider was allowed two chances to stomp their perfect hits and advance to the final heats.  For the ladies, it was Triple-S veterans Claire Lutz and Sensi Graves and wildcard winner Victoria Soloveykina, as well as myself, to pass through to the finals. It was clear the ladies had been working hard over the past year and were busting out tricks rarely made by female riders.


Sensi Graves

On the men’s side of things, the competition was incredibly tough.  Each run technical and stylish with the best beating out the best for one of the few spots in the finals.  The 9 men moving on for a final round through the park were Aaron Hadlow, Alex Fox, Chad Worrall, Eric Reinstra, Billy Parker, Brandon Scheid, Brian Smith, James Boulding, and Sam Light.


Chad Worrall

Day 2 was packed with men’s and women’s slider finals as well as women’s slick and the start of the men’s slick competition.  Partway through the men’s slick heat 2, we had to postpone the competition due to approaching thunder and lightening, and instead, later finished the men’s slick competition after the main surf event on Day 3.


Men’s Slick Competition

It was cool to see the crowd that gathered at the lighthouse beach as competitors geared up for the surf competition on Day 3.  The waves were small but the wind was great, the sun was shining, and spectators were given the show they came to see.  After preliminary and semi-final heats, it was kiteboarding legend Jason Slezak, returning Triple-S surf champ Mark Miedama, 2012 vice champ Teddy Lyons, and this year’s surf wildcard winner Matt Elsasser who made it into the finals.  For women’s surf, Kris Kinn, Sensi Graves, Lulu Vroman, myself, and Triple-S open surf winner Dominique Granger took to the water.

Mark Miedama

Mark Miedama

Following surf, everyone headed to the sound side to finish men’s slicks from Day 2.  As the sun nearly set, the last of the men’s slick event went down with 9 men throwing down for a shot at the podium:  Craig Cunningham, Alex Fox, Sam Light, Aaron Hadlow, Ewan Jaspan, Rick Jensen, James Boulding, Billy Parker, and Sam Medysky.

Billy Parker

Billy Parker

After the first three days of the Triple S, we had results for every category. The week finished with a few days of freeride sessions in between bouts of unfavorable weather and, of course, parties that raged on as competitors awaited the final awards ceremony.


Final Triple S Results

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Colleen Carroll is a team rider for North Kiteboarding, ION Essentials and Sensi Bikinis. She swept the women’s podium at the 2013 Triple S Invitational. We look forward to seeing more from her this summer in the Gorge.