Best team rider Chris Bobryk takes to the water for a Mega Loop session last week during Tropical Storm Andrea. Shot on the Outer Banks of North Carolina with wind speeds gusting up to 55mph, Chris Bobryk sets up and pulls the trigger. Don’t try this at home, folks. We repeat: Do not try this at home.

“I knew the wind was going to be picking up, I just didn’t realize how quickly it was going to build once I got out there. After throwing my first mega loop with the BEST GP and riding away clean, I felt super confident in my equipment being able to handle 55mph gusts. It was the most epic mega loop session. Even after some wipeouts, the GP was rock solid and my Procreator 135cm kept the landings smooth and forgiving in the chop. When you really want to start throwing some big loops, make sure you’re on the right gear. I was and it paid off! Cape Hatteras was going off all afternoon, this is the best place to train in the world.”  – Chris Bobryk

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