TKB had the privilege of traveling to Hatteras for the 2013 Triple S Invitational this year, and during our planning process a local business, Kite Club Hatteras, offered to host us for the week. If you’ve been to Cape Hatteras, you know that hotel rooms can be hard to find at reasonable prices, small to medium-sized vacation homes are almost non-existent, and even the most basic camp sites during peak seasons can be very expensive. At first, we weren’t sure we were “club” people. (It’s not that we don’t like group activities, it’s just that we like to do our own thing even more). But in the end, our experience with Kite Club Hatteras turned out to be the perfect fit.

For single travelers or couples traveling on a budget, Kite Club Hatteras is by far one of the best values for accommodations on OBX. Here’s why:

Community. The Kite Club is less like an all-inclusive Club Med and more like a international hostel. You can come and go as you please. There are no scheduled routines. Guests can choose from bunk bed accommodations or private rooms and all common areas, including bathrooms are shared. And far from the hostels of our youth, Kite Club common areas are exceptionally clean and well-equipped. The living room boasts a big screen tv, cable, super-fast wi-fi, and a comfy sofa. The kitchen has stainless steel appliances (dishwasher included!) plus ample tools for cooking every night. Large balconies, a pool and canal docks make it easy to find solitude if you need it. Interacting with fellow kiters is definitely an option if you want that too. Prices for lodging and all the amenities starts at 45 USD/night.

Location Matters. The Kite Club is nestled about a half-mile off the main road in Avon on a canal that connects to Pamlico Sound. It’s within walking distance of a fish market, and within biking distance from the only grocery story, plus many of the best restaurants and services — on Hatteras. Avon sits in close proximity to Kite Point — which provides easy access to both the sound and the surf.

Knowledgeable Resources.  Kite Club Hatteras is an authorized IKO Kiteboarding Center. They teach beginners. They teach intermediate kiters. They certify riders. They train instructors. With all this activity, one might thing there’d also be a lot of retail traffic, but on the contrary, the premises are quite secluded and extremely secure. Kite Club’s owner, Hristo (pronounced Chris-tow) Stoyanov is a lively host from Bulgaria, always willing to go above and beyond to make sure you enjoy your stay with the information you need — both on the water and off.

Groups, of course, can be accommodated too (and this would be an especially good option if there are members who need lessons during their stay), but the real charm of Kite Club Hatteras for us was a) access to the amenities a big house provides, without having to book travel with a big group to get it and b) the opportunity to meet a new and diverse kiteboarding crew that without Hristo and crew, we might not otherwise have met.

Thanks for a great week, Hristo!

We’ll be back.