Prolimit Says:

The new Kitewaist Pro is the ultimate in molded kite harness. It is the product of years of development in Hybrid Molded Technology. With its technical features it is a benchmark in kite waist harnesses.

TKB Says:

The 2013 Prolimit Kitewaist Pro is a molded harness with a few unique features. The first feature we noticed was the inner neoprene belt that adjusts independently of the rest of the harness.


The Kitewaist Pro also features soft edges and an easy-to-use quick release system. With the Prolimit quick release it’s literally a snap to get in and out of the harness with no straps to adjust each time you put it on.


Another unique feature is the way the spreader bar pad integrates into the harness. The pad slides into pockets on both sides of the harness and makes the harness and spreader bar pad feel like one continuous piece once you have it on.


On the water our testers reported that the Prolimit Kitewaist Pro offers excellent back support and great freedom of movement. The  harness had no tendency to ride up or twist while riding. Our testers feel the Kitewaist Pro has a near-perfect combination of stability and flexibility that is generally hard to achieve in a harness.

The soft edges on the top and bottom of the harness prevent rib discomfort during long sessions. The Prolimit bar attachment made it extremely easy to get in and out of the harness, but it needs to be maintained like any moving piece of equipment.


The inner neoprene is very soft and provides exceptional comfort while preventing the harness from leaving abrasions on your wetsuit or skin. Overall our testers feel the Kitewaist Pro is a good fit for riders looking for a good low-profile waist harness cum waist trainer that offers a lot of freedom of movement while still providing a good amount of back support.



  • The Kitewaist Pro is a stable harness that stays in place while still offering great flexibility.
  • It’s very quick and easy to get in and out of this harness.


  • Sand or small rocks may get stuck in the spreader bar release mechanism, making it difficult to secure the bar.
  • The Kitewaist Pro does not include a hook knife.