Mystic Says:

The Mystic Majestic harness has the high quality you have come to expect from a Mystic harness with added technical features such as memory foam, pre-curved back support mold, and the new high tech Low Torque Clickerbar 3.0. The new spreader bar holds the hook firmly in position and also prevents it from tilting upwards. With the improved Spreader Down System (SDS) the spreader bar now releases completely in one click.

TKB Says:

The new Mystic Majestic harness was designed as a crossover harness that can be used by both windsurfers and kitesurfers. The Majestic features very soft neoprene edges, a relatively stiff pre-curved shape, a hook knife, and memory foam padding.


The Clickerbar 3.0 is a new design that allows you to get in and out of the harness very quickly and easily. You no longer have to install and adjust a hold down strap when putting on the harness – simply click it on or click it off. The buttons to release the spreader bar are square and are much easier to use than the rounded buttons on older Mystic harnesses.

Our tester’s previous harness was a Mystic Warrior III. Compared to that harness, the Majestic has a smaller outline but thicker padding. The Majestic’s pre-curved back support is also stiffer and holds its shape better than the Warrior III.


When compared to the older Warrior III, the Mystic Majestic offers more freedom of movement and does a better job of staying put. The spreader bar does not twist at all while riding and the soft edges and memory foam make the Majestic very comfortable to ride.

Our tester felt like the Majestic provides a good trade off between support and ease of movement. Riders who want a maximum amount of support might want to look at a waist harness that has a larger profile or a seat harness, but you’ll be giving up at least some ease of freedom for more support. Riders who want a harness that stays put while offering a good amount of support without being too restrictive will be happy with the Mystic Majestic.


  • The Majestic does an amazing job of staying in place and the spreader bar has zero tendency to twist upwards.
  • This is a very comfortable harness that still offers a lot of mobility.


  • The Clickerbar 3.0 works great, but needs to be kept reasonably clean. It can be hard to put the harness on if the end of the spreader bar gets dropped in the sand.