Liquid Force Kiteboarding is proud to announce the launch of the luxury sailing yacht, the Sense, to the worldwide mariner’s market. The Sense is the first ever sailing vessel to combine the discerning sensibilities of the luxury yachting consumer with the high technical qualities of kiteboarding’s innovation and progression.

The Sense is fully equipped for global cruising in style and luxurious comfort with the added advantages of seamless storage and features for kiteboarding and surfing equipment. The unique deck design allows for ease of boat launching and landing of kiteboarding sails!


“The Sense vessel is a natural progression for Liquid Force Kiteboarding. It just made complete “sense” to follow and bring our dreams to our loyal Liquid Force fan base. We have the most talented designers in the world with deep history in wakeboarding boats and kiteboarding sails.

Couple this with Tony Finn’s, founder of Liquid Force, forward vision, means you get a sailing vessel that is best in class,” said Liquid Force Kiteboarding Brand Manager Gary Siskar.

See the Brochure for the 55′ LF Sense Yacht:

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Liquid Force has the highest level of designers and engineers that have brought this revolutionary sailing vessel to life. Jimmy Redmon brings the highest expertise in hull design, Brian Dawley adds extensive boat design dynamics, and Julien Fillion designed innovative sail profiles to make the Sense the clear choice for the critical and demanding sailing customer looking for the best and most capable world ocean navigating vessel in the world.

“I have had visions for years about this yacht. Dreaming, planning, sketching, and now finally we have arrived! This vessel goes beyond anyone’s expectations,” says, Julien Fillion, Lead Kite Designer and Sense Project Leader.

Liquid Force is now taking custom orders for the Sense. Custom cabin configurations and color plans available.

About Liquid Force:

Founded in 1995, Liquid Force quickly became the leader in wakeboard products and apparel. Soon after Liquid Force entered into kiteboarding and became the benchmark in design and product progression. Liquid Force is dedicated to relentless innovation, progressive design, maximum functionality and unparalleled quality. For more information please visit www.liquidforcekites.com.

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