Sizes Available: 140x45cm
Size Tested: 140x45cm

F-One Says:

Big Sister of the TRAX, designed for light wind, the TRAX LW has a unique shape that has not been modified to maintain all of its qualities, its general performance, and especially its formidable planning start. The modifications we made for 2013 are almost invisible and yet highly efficient. The efficiency of its shape is the result of a double concave with lateral steps which facilitate edging, acceleration, and smooth landings. The lateral steps brings stability and comfort while the Twist Carbon Control optimizes the flex and the overall torsion of the board. The board is at its best in light wind conditions, even with its size, and fits all riders. The board is easy to ride, playful, and easy to control in medium wind conditions.

Our Testers Say:

“A great all around board and it felt like it handled chop well for such a wide board. Not the best low end of the boards we tested, but had better performance than some of the other boards when powered,” Marko Bartscherer.

“Excellent pop, comfortable through the chop, feels very light. Comfortable and ergonomic pads, build quality is high end,” Andy Sologub.

“A great performance board that has a better low end than the standard F-One TRAX. Maybe not the best low end of all the light-wind specific boards we tested, but it remains fun to ride and manageable when powered,” Paul Lang.

TKB Says:

The 2013 TRAX LW features a full wood core, ABS rails, carbon fiber twist control and a double concave bottom shape with channels in the tips. It’s relatively light weight for its size. The TRAX LW’s wide outline tapers to narrower tips and also features the unique F-One Unibox fins which are thin and have an asymmetric profile.

Our testers commented on the TRAX’s great jumping performance, smooth landings, and light, lively feel on the water. The bottom end was average for a light wind specific board but it remains very fun to ride in powered conditions.


The TRAX LW’s straps and pads were easy to install and adjust for a wide variety of sizes. They were very comfortable for most testers but a few testers did comment that they felt the straps didn’t fit their feet correctly.

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