Core Riot XR2 LW
Sizes Available: 15, 17, 19m
Sizes Tested: 19m

Core Says:

With the new Riot XR2 LW Core presents a worthy successor to the Riot XR LW. Now available in three sizes (15, 17, and 19) to cater to all riders with a special light wind profile and light wind optimized weight. Experience incredible light wind sessions and easy kite loops. Despite the incredible light wind performance and easy upwind riding, the XR2 LW is still easily controllable in strengthening wind conditions. LW stands for Light Wind and this wasn’t the only requirement we set when designing the three-sized doldrums killer.

Our Testers Say:

“Good turning speed for such a large kite and easy, predictable handling. Clean, simple bar and good overall performance,” Peter Blawat.

“Very nice turning and good power but it sits pretty far back in the window which made going upwind a little difficult for me,” Marko Bartscherer.

“Lots of low end power and feels light and stable in the sky. Sits back in the window really far. Really comfortable bar,” Clint Sterba.

TKB Says:

The 2013 Core XR2 LW is a high aspect 5-strut kite with a delta-like shape and very swept wingtips. It features a unique large-diameter inflation valve that doesn’t require any adapter as a standard pump hose attaches directly to the valve. The compact front bridle and the rear line attachment points are both adjustable.


Our testers reported that the XR2 LW features very good low end power, relatively fast handling, and good jumping performance. They also commented on the kite’s light-medium bar pressure and great stability. The Core XR2 LW sits back relatively far in the window which some testers felt made the kite a little harder to get upwind on at the bottom of its range in comparison to others.

The XR2 LW uses the Core Sensor Bar, a simple and unique control system. It features a twist-to-release quick release, adjustable ends, small diameter, below-bar swivel, and a 4:1 above-bar trim system that was among the easiest and smoothest trim adjusters our team has ever used. Another unique feature is the double center hole in the middle of the bar. This allows you to clear twists in your center lines by simply sheeting all the way in.



  • Very stable with good low-end power.
  • Fast turning speed and very fun to ride once well powered.
  • Relatively easy to relaunch.


  • Some  testers commented that Core’s  twist-to-release system  was different from the push-away release system found on many control bars today.
  • Average upwind performance. Can be tough to stay upwind at the kite’s extreme low end.  NOTE: Core was very surprised with this comment as this has not been the feedback they have received on the 19 Riot. They commented that some riders may have experienced this if they are not used to flying a high aspect kite with super light bar pressure and probably oversheeted the bar when trying to gain power . TKB does note that during a particularly light wind day at this year’s 2013 Pismo Beach KiteXpo, the only kite that made it to the outside in super light wind conditions was the 19m Core but we also note that it was also probably the biggest kite of all the manufacturers!
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