Slingshot Turbine
Size Available: 17m
Size Tested: 17m

Slingshot Says:

The Turbine has proven that if you want to stay on the water and still have fun in 5-6 knots, your kite has to be light. We’ve had hard core freestyle riders like Eric Rienstra hitting kickers with next to no wind, riders in coastal swell shredding from dawn to dusk, and local freeride guys who have the Gorge all to themselves long after everyone else has gone home – all on the Turbine. Our progressive “Open Delta C” design geometry makes it more efficient and faster in light wind much like a high performance glider or wind turbine wing, improving lift through kite speed and allowing the Turbine to fly farther forward in the window. In the wing tips, Free-Twist Tip Technology increases the narrow wind range of a large kites by positioning the bridal attachment points to let the wingtips freely pivot. The result is a lighter, faster feel with a wide apparent wind range and quick turning radius for such a large kite.

Our Testers Say:

“Felt like a big improvement over the 2012 Turbine. Turns faster and feels more nimble. Very good low end power and the bar is still my favorite 4-line bar. It’s uncluttered, but has all the necessary safety features,” Peter Blawat.

“This kite really surprised me as I tried and didn’t like the 2012 Turbine. The 2013 Turbine turns really well, had lots of power, and went upwind great. This was my favorite kite of the test to use on my race board and the construction looked solid as well,” Marko Bartscherer.

“Went upwind well and turned fast. Very easy to relaunch. The grip on the bar was a little too hard and rough for me,” Clint Sterba.

TKB Says:

The 2013 Turbine is a medium aspect 3-strut kite with a relatively flat and swept back profile. The three struts are integrated into the canopy and the trailing edge has three relatively long battens per side. The front bridle uses no pulleys and is attached very high on the leading edge and the rear line attachments are adjustable to change the kite’s turning speed and bar pressure.


Our testers commented on the Turbine’s great stability, easy upwind performance, and great low-end power. They also felt it was very easy to relaunch. Turning speed is relatively quick and direct, even on the stock 27m lines.

The Turbine uses the Slingshot Compstick bar which features an above-bar swivel, adjustable stopper, push-away quick release, and below-bar trim adjuster. Some of our testers felt the trim adjuster was difficult to trim, especially when the kite was really powered. We suggest hooking in with the trim line on your dominant side to make it a little easier to use. The Turbine uses a 23” (58 cm) bar with 27m lines.



  • Great stability and very easy to fly.
  • Great low-end power.
  • Very easy to relaunch for a 17m kite.


  • Depower line can be difficult to trim, especially when overpowered.
  • Relatively long battens make the Turbine a little difficult to pack small.
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