Ozone Zephyr
Sizes Available: 17m
Size Tested: 17m

Ozone Says:

The Zephyr was a ground breaking kite and without doubt it was the first light wind specific kite on the market that delivered both performance and handling, the likes of which had never been seen before on such a big kite. Other brands witnessed the success of the Zephyr and followed with light wind specific kites but the Zephyr remains the benchmark. We are now proud to bring you the next generation Zephyr, which continues to set the standard for light wind riding. The all new Zephyr is a design that incorporates elements of the performance dominating Edge along with the ease of the previous Zephyr to fly and relaunch.

Our Testers Say:

“The Zephyr may be my favorite kite for all around light wind riding. It has plenty of power, is easy to fly, easy to relaunch, and goes upwind really well,” Marko Bartscherer.

“Felt super light and stable in the sky and rocketed upwind. Easy to relaunch but the jumping performance was average. A great light wind kite,” Clint Sterba.

“Goes upwind really well with good, fast handling,” Peter Blawat.

TKB Says:

The Ozone Zephyr is a 5-strut medium-high aspect kite. It features a large inflate/deflate valve and thin bridle lines compared to bridles on most other kites. The pullyless bridle is non-adjustable. Our testers commented on the Zephyr’s light-medium bar pressure, great upwind performance, and average jumping performance. They also felt it was very stable, easy to fly, and relatively easy to relaunch.


The Zephyr uses the Ozone Contact Water Control System which features a below-bar swivel, above-bar depower cleat, plastic-coated depower line, and a pull-to-release quick release that can only be operated on one side. Some testers commented that the bar felt a little thick, especially in the middle.



  • The Zephyr is a very user-friendly and easy to fly kite.
  • Stable with light and quick handling.
  • Very good upwind performance.
  • Relatively easy to relaunch.


  • Average jumping performance.
  • Quick release can only be operated on one side and is a pull-to-release system which is the opposite of the industry-standard push away.
  • The Ozone valve uses an adapter that is a unique size. This could make it difficult to inflate your kite is you forget or lose your pump.
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