Liquid Force NRG Light Breeze
Sizes Available: 14, 16m
Sizes Tested: 16m

Liquid Force Says:

The NRG is a go-big power kite designed to deliver excitement every time you sheet in the bar. A true horsepower machine that stands out simply because of pure pull. Want to boost the biggest jumps of your life? Get some NRG. Ready to boost big? The NRG is your kite. Offered in 14m and 16m, the Light Breeze NRG features a flatter profile and higher aspect ratio giving the kite more projected area and lift. Eliminating the center strut creates less drag and allows the kite to fly orientated forward in the wind window creating efficiency in the turning speed and upwind projection. With the addition of 7m flying line extensions included in the “LIGHT BREEZE” you will be riding before the whitecaps appear!

Our Testers Say:

“I was really impressed by this kite. It made me want to try new tricks and the bar is one of the best I’ve ever used. Good upwind performance, light bar pressure, and great turning speed,” Clint Sterba.

“Really good upwind and surprisingly good jumping performance. Super long power stroke on those 30m lines! A little slow to respond on the edge of the window but great turning speed when powered,” Paul Lang.

“Worked really well when powered, even though the bar pressure is too light for my taste. It goes upwind just fine in these conditions and was fun to jump,” Marko Bartscherer.

TKB Says:

The 2013 Liquid Force NRG is a relatively flat 4-strut high-aspect kite. The front bridle features one pulley per side and the rear line attachments are adjustable to change the kite’s turning speed and bar pressure. The NRG features the Liquid Force-exclusive Maxflow inflation system that our testers were very impressed with. On such a large kite the large valve makes a huge difference in the amount of effort it takes to inflate the kite.


Our testers reported light bar pressure, very good low end power, good jumping performance, and great upwind performance. While testers were able to relaunch the NRG every time it went down, they didn’t feel it relaunched as quickly as some of the other kites in the light wind test.

The NRG uses the Liquid Force CPR control system. It features a push-away quick release, below-bar depower cleat, adjustable stopper, and soft foam ends with integrated bar floats. New for 2013 is an above-bar swivel that our testers reported worked very well. The NRG Light Breeze ships with 30m lines (23m plus 7m extensions). Our testers also noted that the depower line could be a little difficult to trim, especially if the line is wedged hard into the cleat.



  • Very good upwind and jumping performance.
  • Long lines give the NRG an extremely long and smooth power stroke.
  • Maxflow inflation system makes the NRG really easy and fast to inflate/deflate.


  • Relatively slow to respond when parked at the edge of the window.
  • Takes more effort to relaunch than some of the other light wind kites we tested.
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