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CrazyFly Cruiser Pro
Sizes Available: 135×46, 145×44, 145x48cm
Size Tested: 145x48cm

Manufacturer’s Description:

The Cruiser was, is, and always will be the ultimate light wind machine. The name sums it up perfectly: Cruising around, having fun, and enjoying the ride even in the lightest winds. But this board can handle a lot more than that due to its unique core construction and extremely light layers of carbon. The very well balanced medium flex of this board suits intermediate and advanced riders, it rides comfortably in choppy waters, and the flat rocker and narrower tips ensure that it is an incredible light wind board. The Cruiser has the lightest and strongest wood core in our entire range, which is reinforced with carbon ensuring that the board is very light – even in the bigger sizes.

Tester’s Comments:

“Goes upwind with ease and floats right through the lulls. Extremely comfortable straps and pads and amazing ultra-light wind performance. Very loose, I would have liked to have been able to try longer fins,” Clint Sterba.

“Loose, skatey, and very comfortable. Light weight for such a big board and great low end performance,” Ken Hunt.

“Very good light wind performance and really easy to get upwind on. A great board to get you going in little wind,” Peter Blawat.

TKB Summary:

The 2013 CrazyFly Cruiser Pro features a light weight all-wood core, ABS rails, carbon reinforcement, and a flat bottom shape. We tested the largest size available and it is a very wide board with very flat rocker and a square outline with rounded tips. It’s a relatively light board when you consider how large it is. Outside of the US this board comes standard with 5cm fins, but our test board shipped with 3cm fins, which is standard for the US market (Riders in the US have the option to choose between 3cm and 5cm fins).

Our testers reported amazing upwind performance and a loose, skatey feel. They also commented on the board’s great low-end performance, smooth ride, average jumping performance, and relatively hard landings.


The CrazyFly Cruiser Pro came with the Dura footpads and Quick Fix II straps. They might have an old-school look to them, but they were easy to install and testers found them easy to adjust and commented that they were really comfortable.