The PKRA Freestyle riders wrapped up single eliminations in Dakhla, Morocco this week, while both Jalou and Kevin Langeree secured first place finishes in the wave competition. 2013 marks the return of wave riding to the tour , and riders were gifted with perfect conditions: a swell that grew to 5 meters throughout the day and 20 knots of wind.


In the first semifinal between Kevin Langeree and Abel Lago, Kevin set the pace from the start, with Abel trying to match his scores. The final was between Figueiredo and Langeree, and Langeree scored a 7 on his opening wave then also managed to hit one on a 5 meter set wave. Figueiredo landed a couple solid scores but, in the end, it was Kevin’s ability to make every final minute count that secured his win. “I am stoked to win, did not think I was going to do this well and on top of that my sister also wins, so cool”, said wave champ Kevin Langeree.


The women’s ladder was neck-in-neck as well, with the top four riders all capable of taking the title.  In the semifinals Jalou Langeree scored a 7.73 and 6 to get into the final, while Ines Correia and Kirsty Jones battled it out for placement. Correira scored a 7 and 6.33 and closed the door on Jones, who could not match Correia’s power turns. The final heat brought big waves and closeout potential. Jalou took more risks than Correira, going harder to the lip and was rewarded with the title . “I am really happy to win the event riding backside, having trained frontside the past three month in SA, going to Maui really helped with my backside surfing”.



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