Wainman Hawaii Cruzer
Sizes Available: 131, 136, 141cm
Size Tested: 136×40.5cm

Wainman Hawaii Says:

The Cruzer is designed for riders that are looking for an entry-level board that can take them all the way to a high performance riding style. With a full wood core, this all round board was designed to meet every riders needs, focusing on high quality construction but remaining affordable. The Cruzer fits in-between the unbeatable high performance Joke, and the fast and effortless handling of the Blunt. The Cruzer was developed to provide all the freeriding needs that are demanded by every kiteboarder. In comparison with the Joke, the Cruzer is produced with same technology and similar dimensions, but is slightly more limited in the overall performance capabilities. The Cruzer is a little slower and softer, with less rocker and slightly less forgiveness in landings. When comparing the Cruzer to the Blunt, it is a more versatile ride in the freestyle and unhooked riding category. The features of the Cruzer makes it a great board that can serve many riders of many different styles at an affordable price level.

Our Testers Say:

“Cool looking board with nice graphics, felt really light. Very good upwind performance, lively turns, and nice in the chop,” Walid Jomaa.

“Overall I thought this was an awesome board and the foot straps adjusted well to my small feet. Great upwind, lively turns, and a smooth ride,” Eunice Martin.

“Excellent board that will cover a wide range of conditions. Great upwind, forgiving, and really fun to ride,” Gary Martin.

Meet the 2013 TKB Test Team.

TKB Says:

The Wainman Hawaii Cruzer is a fairly lightweight board that features a full wood core, ABS rails, and a tip to tip single concave on the bottom. It ships complete with a board bag and screwdriver, a useful addition to ease putting your brand new board together.

Our testers reported a very smooth ride in the choppy conditions, good pop, great upwind performance, and a forgiving ride.


The Blunt’s straps and pads were easy to install and the pads seem especially soft. Testers commented that they were very comfortable and had no complaints with the pads and straps.