Wainman Hawaii Rabbit 2.0 White Edition
Sizes Available: 5, 6.25, 7.5, 9, 10.5, 12, 14.5m
Sizes Tested: 9 (Smoke), 12m (Boss)

Wainman Hawaii Says:

Smoke: With The Smoke, life is never boring, that is a fact. With this dude by your side, every day brings action and excitement. From his look this guy may seem to be a very proper and calm character, but dont let him fool you. Smoke has already proven that he is the unquestionable number one, the undefeated world champion of all weight classes, with many titles around his neck and thousands of faithful, almost addicted, friends around the Globe. Smoke a 9m kite that is an absolute must for every rider`s quiver. Its wide range covers all those windy days when you are just dying to ride and its versatile skills make it an all in one kite for every rider.

Boss: Glamour and fame don’t come to you just like that. You have to earn your place as the world famous Rabbit Gang Boss, and this guy surely did. Commanding in the best conditions on warm sunny days is his favorite activity. Because of his capo status he tends to leave the craziest action to his smaller gangsters, but do not underestimate his ability. The Boss still handles furious days with deadly precision, calm, and style. The Boss bows to no one. The Boss – a 12m Rabbit -should always be first choice for larger riders and is the absolute must to have in their quivers. For all others it is a great kite to have in order to really enjoy the good life on light wind days. The Big Guy who shares the joy with everybody.

Tester Comments:

“Sick graphics and the bar is fantastic! Easy relaunch, good mix of responsiveness and stability,” Pat O’Connor.

“Stable, bar felt great. Nice consistent power. A pleasure to use,” Walid Jomaa.

“Grunty, pivotal turning, solid pop and hang time. Direct bar feedback and quick to initiate turns,” Dray Murray.

“Very stable and powerful. Sat back in the window making getting upwind a little more work, but delivered a nice, steady pull,” Marko Bartscherer.

Meet the 2013 TKB Test Team.

TKB Summary:

The Wainman Hawaii Rabbit 2.0 White Edition kites are low-aspect three-strut kites. These kites feature an adjustable bridle that can drastically change the feel and responsiveness of the kites. Wainman Hawaii does not offer a single-point inflation system. Some riders see this as a plus in terms of simplicity while others see it as a minus in terms of user-friendliness.

Our testers reported great stability, fast and direct handling, medium bar pressure, and great jumping performance. Our testers also commented on the immediate and responsive handling of these kites.


The Wainman Rabbit kites use the Carrot control system which features a push-away release, above-bar trim cleat, bright graphics, soft ends, and an above-bar swivel that worked very well. Most testers liked the soft grip on the bar but some commented that the middle of the bar felt a little thick for their tastes.


  • Smooth, predictable, direct handling.
  • Great low-end power.
  • Very easy relaunch and great stability.


  • No single-point inflation system, although some riders see this as a positive.
  • Average upwind performance.
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