Ozone Edge
Sizes Available: 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17m
Sizes Tested: 9m

Ozone Says:

The Edge is a no compromise design; we wanted a kite that is as refined as a race car in terms of high end performance. The power the Edge generates and delivers is unmatched. If you like to send it for big air and hang time the Edge packs an awesome punch, putting you higher and for longer than you can imagine. The speed and power are easily converted into height, and its high performance airfoil gives you plenty of float which extends your air time. If you like going really big, then hit a small wave at full speed, send it at the same time and I guarantee you will be higher than you have ever been…naturally!

Our Testers Say:

“A high-aspect kite with great jumping performance. Great upwind and really stable. Responsive handling, but the canopy flapped a bit during hard turns,” Kirstyn O’Brien.

“Smooth power delivery, very stable, and great pop off the water. A very comfortable ride,” Walid Jomaa.

“I liked it – jumped well with good hang time and was really stable,” Pat O’Connor.

“Super awesome! Flies fast, stable, and smooth with light bar pressure. Excellent jumping,” Joe Bharat.

Meet the 2013 TKB Test Team.

TKB Says:

The Ozone Edge is best known as a performance racing kite and for 2013 the Edge remains a high-aspect 5-strut kite. It features a large inflate/deflate valve and thin bridle lines when compared to bridles on other kites. The rear lines are adjustable to change turning speed and bar pressure. Our testers commented on the Edge’s light-medium bar pressure, amazing upwind performance, and great jumping performance.

They also felt it was very stable for such a high-aspect kite. Compared to the Ozone Catalyst the Edge delivers better upwind and jumping performance, but is slower turning and slightly harder to relaunch.


The Edge uses the Ozone Contact Water Control System which features a below-bar swivel, above-bar depower cleat, plastic-coated depower line, and a pull-to-release quick release that can only be operated on one side. Some testers commented that the bar felt a little thick, especially in the middle.


  • Delivers amazing upwind performance.
  • Great wind range.
  • Fantastic jumping performance.


  • Not as easy to relaunch or as user-friendly as the Ozone Catalyst.
  • Quick release can only be operated on one side and is a pull-to-release system which is the opposite of the industry-standard push away.