Ocean Rodeo Prodigy
Sizes Available: 3, 5, 7, 9.5, 12, 14m
Sizes Tested: 7, 9.5

Ocean Rodeo Says:

All terrain freeride kite! The perfect kite for riders looking for one kite for all riding styles and pursuits. The Prodigy’s 3 strut design is our simplest, easiest to fly kite yet. Built to be ultra stable and able to handle a massive wind range the Prodigy is an ideal choice for new kiters or kiters looking for a kite style capable of handling all riding conditions. With superb power delivery and a generous, forgiving feel the Prodigy delivers smooth turns and effortless big airs and hang time. The Prodigy’s short length bridles reduce the chance of bridle tangles while delivering steering input even when the kite is highly de-powered making tricky landing / launching conditions more manageable. Like all Ocean Rodeo kites the Prodigy features the Direct De-power bridle configuration, designed to fully roll the kite over in the event of an ejection or total de-power, providing maximum possible de-power.

Our Testers Say:

“Good all-around kite. Turns fast, good range, but average jumping performance. Super long depower throw made the bar hard to reach when I let go,” Andy Sologub.

“Great stability and even power delivery. Felt like it really came alive when ridden really powered up,” Davey Beard.

“Medium bar pressure, stable, and fast turning. Easy to get upwind on, but the bar had too much throw for me,” Eunice Martin.

Meet the 2013 TKB Test Team.

TKB Says:

The 2012 Ocean Rodeo Prodigy is a 3-strut low-aspect kite that Ocean Rodeo markets as an all-around freeride kite. The rear lines are adjustable to change the kite’s turning speed. Our testers felt it was a good all-around kite and commented on its great stability, quick and direct turning, super easy relaunch, and easy upwind performance.

They also mentioned light bar pressure and average jumping performance.


The Prodigy used the new Ocean Rodeo Fusion Bar. It features a push-away quick release, below-bar trim cleat, adjustable stopper ball and a soft grip. The trim adjuster can only be operated on one side and some testers reported having a difficult time adjusting it under load. The bar also features a really long depower throw which fully depowers the kite when you let go of the bar but also caused a few testers to comment they had a hard time reaching it when they did so accidentally.


  • Very stable, forgiving, and easy to fly.
  • Easy relaunch.


  • Average jumping performance.
  • Bar can be difficult to reach if you let go (just use the adjustable stopper ball but realize you take away from the kite’s ability to depower fully)
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